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Ideas to Decorate a Minimalist Bathroom Right

Ideas to Decorate a Minimalist Bathroom Right 1

If you have a style that is on the rise, it’s minimalism. And if you want to create a clean look without excesses, we show you how to decorate a minimalist bathroom, valuing space and leaving the environment full of personality.


Generally, the minimalist bathroom is usually a smaller room compared to the rest of the house. The minimalist style helps in the feeling of spaciousness, making the space lighter.

Minimalism has gained adherents around the world, bringing beauty and modernity to the space, valuing the simple and the essential, as its premise is “less is more”.

It is possible, yes, to reduce the number of items present in the bathroom and toilet, keeping only what is necessary and ensuring a more organized, practical and functional routine.

To help you compose a minimalist bathroom, get the pieces right and leave the space with the feeling of spaciousness, we have selected some tips to make decorating easier.

What is minimalist style?

What is minimalist style

Few elements, lots of space, practicality and functionality: these are some of the characteristics of the minimalist decoration , which is based on sobriety and the lack of decorative elements.

The excess is replaced by a clean and simple atmosphere , where each element has a function and a reason for being there. And believe me, it is far from being an uninteresting decoration, on the contrary, it is an elegant, sophisticated and full of personality style.

The minimalist concept arose from a reaction of artists during the modernist period, where there was a desire for a simpler life, without exaggeration. And that’s how many architects and designers were inspired and guided the style.

The aesthetic proposes that all elements are beautiful, but, above all, functional. That the decoration is minimal or, in some cases, not available; and that spaces are optimized, facilitating movement within the environment.

Why bet on a minimalist style for the bathroom?

Why bet on a minimalist style for the bathroom

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. Therefore, it is important to preserve every square meter of it. Any object, furniture or coating must have a purpose or it could damage the entire decoration and space.

Interestingly, the minimalist style helps preserve and optimize bathroom space. On top of that, it looks more organized, hygienic and elegant.

As we said, the minimalist bathroom decor values ​​functionality, that is, the environment will be practical and dynamic, so you can do your tasks in a much more organized way.

Another important point is the cleaning of the environment, which, due to the few elements, is easier to keep up to date. Its neutral colors are also great allies, as they convey the feeling of a clean and bigger space.

3 tips to invest in your bathroom

3 tips to invest in your bathroom 

Use of straight lines, sharp angles, geometric shapes and details full of personality, these are some of the main characteristics of the minimalist style. And to get the minimalist bathroom right , we have some tips for you to put into practice.

Bet on light tones

Bet on light tones 

As mentioned, the minimalist style values ​​neutral tones, delicacy and discreet. Therefore, the shades of black, white and gray are a great choice for those who want to get their aesthetic right.

Bet on light tones 

The minimalist black bathroom, for example, is perfect with marble and metal cladding, creating a beautiful, sophisticated contrast.

Create a focal point

Create a focal point 

The sink countertop is one of the most important points in your bathroom, so you can highlight it when creating the focal point of the decoration. The cabinet can be in light wood or bet on a more industrial aesthetic, leaving the siphon on display. It is important to emphasize that for this style, the materials must have little or no detail.

Prioritize lighting

Prioritize lighting  1

Prioritize lighting 

One of the most important points in the minimalist style of decoration is the lighting, and the bathroom could not be different. As it is a space where we usually get ready, we need the lights placed to be clear and to be in strategic points. A well-focused lighting system manages to highlight the functional areas of the bathroom.

Choose the bathroom plants right

Choose the bathroom plants right 

Plants have a high potential for transforming an environment, especially a bathroom. Therefore, choose a discreet vase that complements the bathroom decor , creating harmony throughout the space and that is within the minimalist theme.

Some plants adapt to all types of environment and their particularities, others less so. Therefore, choose carefully which species you will take to the bathroom, guaranteeing them the necessary resources for them to grow and flourish.

In addition to providing beauty, the plants offer proximity to nature, ensuring life and color for the bathroom. Even if the aesthetic is minimalist, it is possible, yes, to give a modern and special touch to the environment.

Now that you know how to decorate the minimalist bathroom, check out all the products that embrace this aesthetic on the mmartan website and transform the space, bringing comfort and sophistication to the decoration.