Bedroom Design

12 Bold Ideas to Remodel Your Bedroom Wall

Are your bedroom walls dull and empty? There are very creative and fun ways to fill them and leave the sameness behind. The Housebeautiful website selected 12 very different ideas to totally transform the room. Check it out below:

1- Different wallpaper

Adopt a more striking pattern for the wallpaper. If you’re afraid of getting seasick, choose one in neutral colors. That way the environment is clearer too.

2- Blackboard

A minimalist idea: simply hang a chalkboard behind the bed.

3- Wood wall

Instead of betting on a headboard, which are getting lower and lower, make an entire wooden wall behind the bed.

4- Make a mural

For art enthusiasts, try painting yourself. But, if your artistic talents aren’t so sharp, buy a wallpaper with that footprint.

5- Hang an object

With the right piece, your room will be cozier. Find a soft object, with a boho footprint maybe. You can also hang a rug; see ideas here.

6- Put a ladder

In addition to giving a rustic touch to your room, the stairs can also help with the practicality of everyday life, as it is used to hang towels, blankets, etc.

7- Ombre wall

Super high trend in 2021, it gives an incredible effect on the environment. +No more flamingos! The biggest decor trends of 2021.

8- Aligned frames

Create a kind of art gallery with a shelf in your room.

9- Hang mirrors

You can check out a whole eclectic look using assorted mirrors, in different wall frames. Of course, the wallpaper also helps and adds style to the environment. +Placing the mirror this way will make you gain more space

10- Graphics

You can paint the entire wall in a different pattern, draw pictures or even bet on stickers, which are super practical.

11- Posters

A cheap idea is to print and frame vintage, movie or concert posters to put on your walls. You still give personality to the environment by choosing your favorite works.

12- Horns

A bit unusual, moose horns or other animals (fake, of course) are the crazy idea that was missing from this list.