15 Small Bathrooms You Must See Before Renovating Yours

The bathroom is the environment in the house where you transform yourself every day: a nice shower and a few minutes in front of the mirror recreate that person who has just woken up. To transform the room’s decor, even when the space is small, the Homify site has separated 15 ideas for falling in love with small bathrooms. Check out.

1- Wood

Minimalistic Bathroom

Wood helps to create a cozy atmosphere, in addition to offering different textures.

2- Mosaic

Eclectic Bathroom 

A mosaic can add personality and a touch of color to the environment.

3- Nature

Modern Bathroom 

You can get a touch of nature or more rustic by putting a stone wall in the bathroom.

4- Black

Although, generally, bathroom decor uses lighter colors, if you want elegance and sophistication, going for black is the way to go.

5- Shine

Marble has the ability to transform any environment into a spectacular and sophisticated space.

6- Futuristic design

The lighting in this bathroom was designed to make the space dynamic and full of energy. All you need is to place light in strategic places to achieve this effect.

7- Eclectic

When you don’t have a lot of space to work, mixing materials, colors and textures can be the solution to make the place unique.

8- Limiting spaces

To define spaces in not very large areas, textures and colors are always welcome. So you can create lines on the walls or floor.

9- Mirrors

The miracles of mirrors are already known. Just place a mirror on one of the bathroom walls to double your space.

10- Touch of color

Often, all you need is a little color to add a different look to your surroundings.

11- Rustic

This bathroom combines different natural materials with a special and charming rustic charm.

12- Focus on parts

To avoid disturbing the entire bathroom, you can choose a very different piece to stand out in the room, such as a sink or toilet with a striking design.

13- Concrete walls

This bathroom proves that you can achieve an elegant effect with any material!

14- Mirror cabinets

Cabinets hidden behind mirrors are an excellent idea to expand the environment and still gain space to store your stuff.

15- Extra showers

To make a small space special, a few extra showers can be the solution.

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