11 Ideas to Renovate the Wall Without Using Frames

Today we are going to see some alternatives to renovate the house, there are 11 ideas for decorated walls without using frames! =) As much as we love comics on the wall, that’s not always what we look for to give a decoration up! There are several alternatives to fill the house! Check it out!

1 – Walls decorated with Macramê

Wall decorated with macrame – macrame wall hanging

Wall decorated with macrame and plants

Bedroom wall decorated with macrame

Macramê tapestries are back with everything! Mainly because of the great dissemination of the Boho style , rescuing the 70s to the present day. The tapestry gives a super cozy atmosphere to the home! Try it!

2 – Stencil

Room decorated with stencil painting

Wall decorated with stencil painting

This is a painting technique that uses any hollow element. You can make your own stencil, and for that use one of these 3 materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper card
  • Acetate Sheet (X-Ray Sheet)

Choose and print the design , move to one of these 3 sheets and cut out! Now use the mold with paint and apply it to the wall as many times as you like. Don’t forget to use electrical tape to secure the pattern while painting. This prevents the sheet from slipping and spoiling your design.

The result is amazing!

3 – Baskets on the wall

Room decorated with baskets on the wall

Living room with gray sofa decorated with baskets on the blue wall

Hall decorated with baskets on the wall and bench

Wall decorated with baskets and cactus plant

Bedroom wall decorated with wicker headboard baskets

Still inspired by Boho Chic, the use of baskets to decorate the wall gives a beach house feel to the environment! In addition to creating a super cozy atmosphere.

4 – Walls decorated with Fabric

The use of fabric on the wall is a super versatile option! For those who love a “ do it yourself ” is the tip!

5 – Wood niche or iron niche

Headboard decoration with hexagonal niche and hanging plants

Decorate with wooden niche

Iron niche very common in industrial and Scandinavian style decor.

Or you can make a mix of niches and decorative shelves !

Wall decorated with niches and shelves

Niches are nothing new, but we are more familiar with square niches, especially those placed in the children’s room. But here we are going to highlight the niches in other geometric shapes!

6 – Picture Frames

Wall decorated with picture frames

Decorated walls: Brick wall decorated with picture frames

You can use a mix of colors or focus on one

I believe this is a very little explored way of using frame frames. Particularly I love it! Sometimes we buy or get the frame and wait a long time for the perfect photo to put there, instead you can create a super original composition of frames on the wall and make that success!

7 – Hats

A simple and elegant tip !

Walls decorated with boho chic decor with hat and frame

Boho chic decor with a hat on the wall

Wall decorated with hats and plant on the floor

Corner of room with plant and hanging hat

Hats on the wall comes from the inspiration of Boho Chic style decor ! This style uses a lot of textures, mixtures of prints and natural elements for the composition.

8 – Decorative plates on the wall

Wall decorated with dishes with white furniture

Wall decorated with dishes at the entrance

Modern dining room with dishes on the wall

And you, had you ever thought about putting dishes on the wall?

In the rustic style, we have the idea of walls decorated with dishes! Very common in farm-style houses, the idea has been gaining the city and coloring more and more those half-dead corners of the house.

9 – Suspended Plants

Wall with triangular pots and hanging plants

Living room with a gray sofa and a wall with a boa constrictor plant

Wall with hanging plants

The little plants won the apartment once and for all! Here are some posts that can help you with that. Due to the lack of space on the floor, the plants won the walls ! Take a look at these ideas!

10 – Walls decorated with ink and stamp

Wall decorated with paint

Even with a roll made especially for the technique

For those who love playing with ink , like me, stamps can be a great option and there are several ways to do it.

11 – Walls decorated with Boiserie wood

Modern dining room with boiserie wall

Wall decorated with paint and boiserie

Inspired by the French decoration, the Boiserie frame (read boaserrí) has been gaining more and more space in the decoration. It can be found in different materials: wood, plaster boiserie, polyurethane boiserie and cement boiserie.

See how walls decorated with boiserie make the atmosphere much more cozy!

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