12 Fabulous Decor Tips for Local Accommodation

If you need original ideas for decorating a local accommodation, you’ve come to the right place. These tips are valuable to attract more and more guests. Let’s assume that you are thinking of entering the local accommodation market, or that you are already in the know and need to decorate your space.

First and foremost, it’s important that you make your guests feel at home, so focus on making the space welcoming.

To do this, follow these decorating tips for local accommodation that will make your space the most coveted of all. The first impact is always the most important, so take your pen and paper and write down our suggestions.

1. Use Wallpaper

Nowadays, there is no excuse not to choose an original wallpaper, given the offer that exists. Choose a strategic space in the house (or apartment) and cover one of the walls with original paper—something that will give the place a very original highlight.

2. Color the space

Color is one of the most valued elements when choosing a local accommodation to spend one or more nights. One of the combinations that work best is, without a doubt, the bet on the colors of furniture or decorative objects—such as sofas, pillows or rugs.

In this way, you can keep the walls painted in a neutral color (such as white) and bet on a bold element that stands out in the room. In this way, you can “give more life” to the space itself.

3. Hang pictures and photos

This is one of the best decorating tips for local accommodation that we can give you and that makes guests feel at home. Placing pictures and/or photographs on the wall gives an important sense of culture to the space.

Focus on the city where your accommodation is located, for example, and include notes of it on the walls—such as maps, photographs of iconic places/ monuments, people, and more.

4. Choose original rugs

Rugs are great for giving more color and life to any space, as well as being the ideal solution to hide certain defects or less suitable floors. Opt for the ones that have different geometric shapes and contrasting colors, as we’re sure you’ll love it.

5. Decorate the shelves

If you already have shelves hanging on a wall, make use of them and decorate them in an appealing way. You can do it with posters , pictures, photographs, books or even plants. The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of objects that can be placed there.

6. Choose the right plants

Plants always complement any decor and bring more harmony to the space. The allusion to nature is immediate and the possibilities for choice are immense. If you choose fake plants, you benefit from the advantage that they do not need maintenance.

7. Don’t forget the lamps

One of the decoration tips for local accommodation that sometimes ends up being forgotten is the placement of support lamps near the bed(s). You can choose those on a table, standing or even those that are fixed to the wall.

8. Put mirrors in the room(s)

In addition to the bathroom, it is important that you place mirrors in rooms such as the bedroom(s). In the latter case, you can even opt for tall mirrors, with a vintage frame , an element that will greatly enrich the space’s decor.

9. Choose the right curtains

For each room, a different type of curtain. You don’t need, and shouldn’t, choose the same genre for all the spaces in the local accommodation you are decorating. In the bedroom, you can opt for taller and longer ones, while in the kitchen you can even include blinds.

10. Add a different headboard

Often overlooked, headboards are capable of highlighting any room—in this case, the master bedroom (for example). In addition to bringing more color to the space, they give it a certain refinement, something that many guests (also) seek.

11. Create a play zone

It’s rare to see these areas when talking about local accommodation, so this is a great tip to set yourself apart from the competition. Choose the right toys, such as those made of wood, and place them strategically in one of the rooms in the accommodation—differentiate the area with different wall colors, for example.

12. Put tiles in the bathroom

Bathrooms don’t always have to be white, right? Take a risk in decorating these rooms and apply tiles on one of the walls, for example. You will be surprised by the final result.

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