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12 Bedroom Porcelain Elegance and Versatility in Intimate Settings

Coziness, functionality and personality are characteristics that cannot be lacking when decorating a room , as this is the most intimate environment in the house. In doubt when choosing a bedroom porcelain? See tips, ideas and inspirations to make this environment functional and cozy!

Porcelain for the bedroom contributes to coziness and personalization of the environment

To achieve all these points, many people invest in bedroom porcelain.

With different options of sizes, colors and textures, the material is a real wild in this environment, being able to cover the floor, wall and even the headboard.

Want more tips and inspiration? Read on!

Types, finishes and edges of bedroom porcelain tiles

Next, check out the porcelain tile ratings that are most appropriate for a bedroom.


The bedroom is an environment that allows the use of different types of porcelain tiles, depending on your preferences and the style of the space.

Basically, porcelain tiles can be divided into two groups according to their physical constitution, which are:

  • enameled: receives a layer of enamel on its surface. This porcelain tile can reproduce different materials, such as wood, stone, cement and others;
  • technical: single ceramic mass, without the application of the enamel layer.


Both polished and natural porcelain tiles work perfectly in bedrooms. Everything will depend on the aesthetic preferences and characteristics of the residents

Also, porcelain tiles can vary depending on the finish it receives. Both the technical and the enamel can be:

  • Polished: these are the porcelain tiles that receive a final polishing, gaining shine and a high degree of mirroring. They are best suited for dry areas and, therefore, work very well in the rooms, helping to leave the room spacious and bright;
  • Natural: also called satin, they are those with a matte surface and no shine. The main advantage is that this is not a slippery coating, ideal for children’s and elderly rooms, for example.

Another possible type of finish is EXT, suitable for outdoor areas, not covered and flat. Because it has a rougher surface, it helps prevent slipping, but it is not suitable for bedrooms and other indoor environments as it is difficult to sanitize.


The porcelain tile can have a bold or rectified edge. The first has a rounded shape and therefore needs more visible grout in its settlement.

The second is straight and allows the closest porcelain tiles to be laid. This reduces the amount of visible grout between the coatings, making the room look spacious.

Currently, rectified porcelain is the most sought after, precisely thanks to this continuity effect. However, it all depends on your preferences.

4- Best sizes and shapes of bedroom porcelain tiles

Larger rooms can take advantage of the potential of ballasts, continuous porcelain tile surfaces, for floors and walls

The choice of the size of the bedroom porcelain depends, above all, on the area of ​​the room. You can find the material in different dimensions, from the smallest, 60×60 cm, to the ballasts, continuous surfaces measuring more than 90×180 cm.

The important thing is that the chosen product is in tune with the space. Large formats help bring a feeling of spaciousness, which is very interesting for small environments. However, it is necessary to consider the amount of cutouts that the coating will have, avoiding waste.

A commonly used trick is to divide the longest side of the floor or wall by two until reaching a measure close to the available porcelain tiles.

Let’s assume that your room measures 4×2 m. So you would divide 4 by 2 and you would have 2 m. I would again divide the result by 2 and have the value of 1 m.

Thus, according to the sizes of commercialized porcelain tiles, the most suitable would be 90×90 cm and 120×120 cm.

As it is not an exact measurement, there will be clippings. These parts can be used in areas of the floor with less visibility.

5- The ideal style of bedroom porcelain tiles

In addition to thinking about the type and size, it is essential to consider the style of the bedroom porcelain, ensuring the desired beauty and coziness.

There are numerous options; the important thing is that they are in keeping with your personality. Below, we’ve put together some suggestions.


Marbled porcelain tiles can be the decorative highlight of your room, helping to differentiate it and creating an imposing detail

Wood is synonymous with coziness and is widely used in bedrooms.

For those who do not give up on practicality, an incredible option is the wooden porcelain tile, which recreates in a very reliable way the texture of different types of material.

There are numerous color options, from versions that recreate light to dark woods, some with patina details and many other possibilities that allow you to create unique environments.


For those who love the charm of natural stones, marbled porcelain tiles are excellent choices. There are options of different colors that recreate various types of marbles, including the rarest ones.

The result is a sophisticated and differentiated environment, but with all the practicality of cleaning and maintaining porcelain tiles.

are excellent choices. There are options of different colors that recreate various types of marbles, including the rarest ones.

The result is a sophisticated and differentiated environment, but with all the practicality of cleaning and maintaining porcelain tiles.


Burnt cement is on the rise, especially for industrial decorations. If you love more funky or rustic styles, this idea is certainly perfect for your bedroom.

The porcelain tiles that recreate concrete are presented in different ways, from options that resemble burnt cement to more rustic ones, with different shades of gray and exploring various textures.


Woody, marbled and cementitious porcelain tiles are available in different shades, from dark to light.

The choice of the color of the bedroom wall covering should be very well thought out, according to the size of the room and the predominant decorative style.

In smaller rooms, prefer neutral and light tones, which help to give a feeling of spaciousness. In larger environments, it is possible to be bold, with coatings in darker or colored tones.

8- Other possible applications of porcelain tiles in the bedroom

When we talk about bedroom porcelain, many people only think about the floor. But did you know that it is possible to go further and use this coating in other details?


Covering the bedroom walls with porcelain is a decorative trend that brings sophistication to spaces

The bedroom walls gain new details with the application of porcelain. You can apply the material to all these surfaces in the room or create a focal point for your decor, and use the same floor covering for an infinite floor feel.

It is possible to create a detail in wood, marble or even with 3D or hexagonal coatings. This is a strong decorative trend, with the porcelain tile occupying the space that used to be used for mirrors.

If your room is neutral, you can use porcelain tiles on the walls to create contrast, using different colors and details or even bolder layout.

Currently, you can find porcelain tiles that recreate the effect of wallpaper, with soft prints and fine materials, bringing a different touch to your room.


A colorful detail on the headboard helps bring more vitality and creativity to the rooms

How about replacing the traditional headboard with a porcelain application? This is another trend, and you can even use different prints depending on the style of your room.

It is possible to use the wooden porcelain tile, reinforcing the coziness; cement, bringing an urban footprint; or even dare with colorful inspirations, with drawings, 3D effects and other inspirations.

Another cool idea for this area is the mosaics. They can appear wrapped in a frame or without a frame and extend from the height and width of the bed to the ceiling, visually enriching a box-bed room.

11- Advantages of using porcelain tiles in a bedroom

You can already see that bedroom porcelain is an extremely versatile material, isn’t it? After all, it allows use on floors, walls and even other details in the environment, such as the headboard.

Some of the main advantages that this material offers are:

  • versatility, as there are different options for sizes, colors, prints and textures;
  • different usage possibilities, helping to personalize your room;
  • ease of installation, as it does not require specialized labor;
  • high durability and great strength;
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance.

12- Cleaning and maintenance of bedroom porcelain tiles

Easy to clean and maintain, porcelain tiles are a great ally to transform your room

Keeping your porcelain tile beautiful is an easy task. In fact, the practicality of this coating is one of its main benefits. For daily cleaning, use only detergent diluted in water and apply it with a damp cloth. Remember to dry afterwards to avoid stains. For heavier cleanings and stains, you can use a little See Active Chlorine or CIF diluted in water. However, never place the chosen product directly on the coating.

Another interesting tip for rooms is to protect the furniture legs with some soft material, such as felt, reducing the chances of scratching. In general, avoid cleaning your bedroom porcelain with products intended for cleaning aluminum (Semorin, Shine Aluminum, Brilhol etc.), washing powder, waxes, brushes, acids and caustic soda.

In this content, you saw that bedroom porcelain tiles are an interesting option for coverings, which can be applied to floors, walls and headboards.

There are numerous alternatives for porcelain tiles, including versions that reliably recreate wood, marble and cement, giving even more personality to this environment.