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Furniture Ideas Transforming Environments in Moments

Moveis Mobiliaa is a store that operates in the furniture and decoration market since 2012, representing the best national and international brands.

The store is gaining more prominence among local architects and decorators. That’s because it has a catalog that is connected to the forefront of world trends in furniture design and room decoration.

In addition, the store values ​​the work of Brazilian professionals, joining references in the construction of exclusive projects.

In 2020, Móveis Mobiliáa had some of the items in its catalog chosen for the composition of projects signed by architect Jayme Bernardo and designer Paola Navone for the Mostra Unlimited Portobello.

Móveis Mobiliáa has a wide collection of pieces developed by national and international designers. Discover the store! Do you want to know more about Móveis Mobiliáa — its history, its product catalogue, its participation in our event and much more? So, read on!

A bit of the history of Móveis Mobiliáa

At Móveis Mobiliáa, the client finds a true design consultancy for their environments

The store’s name even has two letters “A” at the end precisely because this is André and Alessandra’s initials. The idea is to show, in the identity of the establishment, that the couple is united in charge of Móveis Mobiliáa.

“We are passionate about the challenge of delivering an incredible product at a fair price and imprinting a new market vision,” says the founding couple.

During its trajectory, Móveis Mobiliáa has acquired extensive experience in providing furniture for corporate environments, such as condominiums, hotels and restaurants.

The acquired expertise allows the store’s professionals to guide customers, offering the best design and cost-effective solutions, as well as specialized curation for these market segments.

Products found in the store

Furnishing environments is something that requires experience, technical study and vision of the whole

For the founders of Móveis Mobiliáa, furnishing environments is more than making them beautiful. It is something that requires experience, technical study and a vision of the whole.

For this, the store partners with partner architects and provides furniture with the highest quality standards, which creates incredible environments.

In the establishment, you can find furniture of excellent quality to furnish different types of environments, in commercial or residential projects.

Pieces by Móveis Mobiliáa at the Unlimited Portobello 2020 Exhibition

The first edition of Mostra Unlimited Portobello was held in October 2020, with the theme of the presentation of our new line of ballasts.

At the event, great names in architecture and design were invited to develop innovative environments with our products.

Móveis Mobiliáa had its products present in two areas of the exhibition: the bathroom, designed by Jayme Bernardo, and the kitchen, developed by Paola Navone. Know more!


Items from Móveis Mobiliáa were used in the bathroom developed by Jayme Bernardo

In partnership with Glei Tomazi, architect Jayme Bernardo developed a bathroom for Mostra Unlimited. The purpose of the space is to provide users with a very spacious and bright environment.

For this purpose, the Calacatta Puro Chain and Black Eclipse ballasts were used to cover the floor and walls . Together they make a mix of light and dark tones.

Bernardo says that the idea for creating this environment arose from the need to design a bathroom that was more comfortable and intimate, while bringing practicality.

The bathroom reproduces a modern art installation. It has a puff that was developed by designer Marina Kiarte and is available at Móveis Mobiliáa.

Cocoa Puff is a massive block of eucalyptus. To develop it, the wood is dried and then turned with a machine.

In the process, the wood splits, which is a characteristic that gives more personality to the furniture.


The chairs for the kitchen designed by Paola Navone were purchased at Móveis Mobiliáa

Italian designer Paola Navone was responsible for developing the kitchen for Mostra Unlimited, which was named Cooking with Friends.

Every detail of this space was thought to guarantee the pleasure of cooking and sharing food.

In the environment, traditional materials gain a fresh and contemporary tone, with the countertop and table made with Rivoli and Calacatta Blanc ballasts, respectively.

The wall was decorated with Vedononvedo mirror coating, a creation by Paola Navone, exclusive to Portobello.

Another line of coverings developed by Paola, Bonbon, covered the floor in the Cooking with Friends environment.

Móveis Mobiliáa’s products are also present in this environment. Kitchen chairs are part of the Evo line, available at the store.

According to the owners, the chairs have a harmonious fusion of geometric shapes and their relationships, combined with the modern interpretation of wooden archetypes.

The pieces were produced by designer Dan Simonini.


Móveis Mobiliáa partners are pleased to have their products at Mostra Unlimited

The founders of Móveis Mobiliáa were very pleased to have their products exhibited at Mostra Unlimited, considering that they were applied in projects by internationally renowned professionals.

“Being at this Portobello show is very important to us. We admire the work of product development and design that the company does with the professionals”, they say.

They also say that it is an honor to be at the side of a company that excels in design and product development with research from around the world.

Móveis Mobiliáa brings innovation, functionality and beauty to your daily life. The store has the gift of transforming environments in moments. Therefore, architects, designers and decor lovers cannot miss this amazing establishment.

Keeping an eye on area events is always an interesting way to keep up with architectural and design trends. In addition to Jayme Bernardo and Paola Navone, Mostra Unlimited brought together other renowned professionals. 


Móveis Mobiliáa is located at 916, nº 369, in the city of Balneário Camboriú, on the coast of Santa Catarina.