10 Exceptional Peaks for a Modern Kitchen

Having a modern, well-equipped and organized kitchen is a dream that is within your reach. Just plan and follow the fantastic tips for modern kitchen models that we’ll introduce you to in the next few lines. As we spend a good part of our time in the kitchen, it is essential that this is a pleasant and welcoming environment, so that the act of cooking and having meals with family or friends becomes even more pleasant.

To help you conquer the kitchen of your dreams, we present below 10 fantastic tips for your home to have a modern kitchen full of good energy.

1 – Plan your modern kitchen

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

First of all, for your new kitchen project to work, you need to set the goals and plan. Making budgets with suppliers and defining how much you want to spend is essential before getting your hands dirty.

Analyze the space you have to work with and research the type of furniture that would be best suited to the size of the place. Planned furniture helps a lot to optimize the space and harmonize the decoration. (See here 10 fantastic ideas for decorating small kitchens )

After all, it’s no use equipping your kitchen with the best options on the market if you don’t have adequate space for you to move around the room peacefully, without bumping into furniture and appliances.

2 – Think of integrated modern kitchen models

Living room with kitchen

Open concept conjugated environments

Homes are becoming more and more compact and, therefore, it is essential that the rooms “talk to each other” in a fully integrated environment.

This means that the more the kitchen identity matches the furniture patterns, colors and lighting of the living room and bedroom, the better.

3 – Wealth of styles and textures

Modern kitchen with vibrant color

Dog in the living room

Bright, modern kitchen

Kitchen sink with granite countertops

To make your kitchen super modern, you don’t need to use only high tech materials and appliances. Resorting to rustic textures and retro items, will make the kitchen gain a more “modern style”, oddly enough. So, mix styles according to your preferences! The same goes for floors and tiles.

You can leave a little white and opt for colored tiles or porcelain tiles with designs. Black makes the environment more refined.

4 – To have a modern kitchen, invest in lighting

Small, well-lit kitchen

Kitchen with natural light

Modern light fixtures on the kitchen counter

The ideal is for your kitchen to receive plenty of natural light, which will save you on your electricity bill and, in addition, make the environment more pleasant.

If this is not possible, invest in white LED lights, mixing with some warm lights, which make the environment modern and cozy.

Large luminaires in the center of the kitchen add even more style to the space.

5 – Sink for the modern kitchen

Kitchen with a modern retro design

Modern design for kitchen sink

Often overlooked, the sink is a fundamental character in the modern kitchen. Therefore, invest in tanks and faucets with a differentiated design.

6 – Sustainability

Recyclable trash

Being modern means being sustainable and respecting the environment. Therefore, opt for light bulbs and appliances that consume less energy.

If possible, put in different bins for organic and recyclable waste, or buy a garbage disposal to reduce the volume of waste.

7 – Home Appliances

Modern kitchen with retro-style appliances

Retro-style kitchen with blue fridge

Home appliances are fundamental to characterize the models of modern kitchens. Refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, blenders and mixers can become beautiful decorative objects.

You can either choose a color pattern (metallic for example), or invest in vibrant colors. The same goes for household items.

8 – Vibrant colors make kitchens even more modern

Kitchen with yellow accents

Modern kitchen with red cabinets

Gone are the days when “clean” white was synonymous with modernity when it came to kitchen decor. This is the time and time for vibrant and cheerful colors such as blue, yellow, orange and red. So don’t be afraid to dare.

9 – Organizing utensils

Utensil Organizers

Utensil Organizers Make Up A Modern Kitchen

If your problem is space, there’s no need to worry! Storing household items in cupboards and drawers is a thing of the past. You can invest in differently designed holders to store cups, pans, bowls and other items and optimize the space in the environment.

10 – Wood surfaces

Kitchen with wood accents and blue lamps

Modern kitchen in a rustic style

Despite being a rustic material, wood applied to surfaces such as countertops and tables help give a cool tone to your modern kitchen.

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