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Tips to Make an Elegant Diy Christmas Angel for Christmas Tree

The festive atmosphere is already full of enthusiasm for Christmas decorations, solemn dinners and beautifully packaged gifts. There is no doubt that the decorated pearl is a beautiful Christmas tree. If you have chosen themes and colors for the tree toys, all you have to do is get them, or why not make them yourself. In this context, we have selected some great DIY projects to add a little brilliance to your interior and enhance the party atmosphere. Make a unique Christmas angel as a symbol of year-end celebrations and have fun!

How to make a gentle and elegant Christmas angel polish the Christmas tree?

Make decorative angels for Christmas tree clippers

For centuries, the role of angels has been clearly defined: guardian, messenger, warrior. Indeed, Christmas is a good time to invite these spiritual creatures home. They will certainly have a splendid and sacred appearance hanging from the branches of the ornate tree. It may be difficult to imagine that an angel can be made of cork, pine cones, pasta, woolen thread, felt and other materials. Therefore, we will prove to you that recycled decorations may be more impressive than figurines in porcelain or glass. Try our tutorial to reassure yourself!

DIY angel tree decorations for badminton badminton and table tennis

Christmas tree decorations diy angel badminton ball table tennis


  • 2 plastic badminton shuttles
  • 1 soft plastic table tennis ball
  • 1 key ring
  • Eye screw
  • Jute hair
  • ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint and brush
  • Scissors

DIY Christmas tree decoration badminton shuttlecock

Instructions for use

1. First, punch a hole in the ping-pong ball that has been drawn with the desired color. The notch should be large enough to fit the tip of the badminton admin ball. Then, the two parts are thermally bonded together. Cut the wings from the second flywheel, and then hot glue them to the angel’s body.

2. Next, paste a small piece of tape to cover the neckline. The hair will be created by the line. If you want to change the hue of jute yarn, just immerse it in a cup filled with a mixture of water and paint (red paint for red hair, black paint for black hair, etc.) and let it dry. The hair is also very hot. Creative hairstyle!

3. Third, apply gold paint on the keychain ring and the ring screws. Glue the hair loop to the hair, then screw the screw into the top of the head. Draw facial features. If needed, use flash spray to add sparks.

4. Finally, put a longer ribbon through the eyes of the screws to hang Christmas angel decorations.

Christmas angels are made of wooden clips, pipe cleaners and ribbons

DIY angel Christmas tree ruffled ribbon clip wood


  • Round head wooden clothespin
  • White ruffled ribbon
  • White and silver ribbon
  • Silver pipe cleaner
  • Low temperature hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint
  • Oil painting brush
  • Hot beads
  • Silver elastic band
  • Scissors


1. Use a hot glue gun to glue the elastic band to the wooden clothespin. Roll the fabric to the “neck” of the clothespin.

Tip: If you want to draw the “skin” of the angel figurine, you must do it before attaching the ribbon dress.

2. Draw eyes, lips and hair.

3. Shape a small piece of silver pipe cleaner into a crown. Glue it to the top of the head with hot glue.

4. Glue the Hama beads to the back of the angel’s head like a like head.

5. Next, cut two 10 cm long white and silver ribbons. Fold the ribbon, and then fix the end with a little hot glue to make decorative wings. Glue the wings to the back.

6. Finally, cut a 20 cm silver elastic rope. Tie it into a circle, and then use a drop of hot glue to fix it on the back of the angel ornament. Now you can hang beautiful decorations on the Christmas tree!

How to make a Christmas angel with wooden sticks and knitting yarn?

Christmas angel knitting yarn sticks decoration diy


  • White and yellow knitting yarn
  • Giant wooden crafts
  • big eyes
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Black mark

Make christmas angel stick wood yarn knitting

How to proceed?

1. First, glue the two craft rods together in an “X” shape. Then wrap the stick with white thread and move it up and down until the stick is almost completely covered.

2. Secondly, wrap a stick with another white yarn so that part of the top is not covered. Draw a face with a black marker, keep the eyes, and add hair made of yellow yarn.

3. To complete your Christmas angel decoration, use a lot of hot glue to glue the body and wings together, and apply pressure until the figurine dries and cools completely. Similarly, stick a circle of steel wire to the angel’s back so you can hang it on the Christmas tree.

Cork Christmas decoration angel

Make angels for Christmas tree corks


  • cork
  • 2.5 cm flat bottom wooden ball
  • Eye screw
  • Jute rope hanging
  • Sheet music
  • Golden tube cleaner


  • drill
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue and glue gun

Christmas tree decoration ideas diy angel cork

How to do it?

1. Use a drill to make a hole in the top of the wooden ball. Screw the screws into the holes so that the decoration can be hung accordingly.

2. Attach the flat bottom side of the wooden ball to the cork with manual glue to form the main body and the head. Let it sit dry.

3. Cut the pipe cleaner about 10 cm long. Wrap it around the cork to form a circle with the two ends overlapping. Twist the ends together to form a kind of crown. Fix it on the back of the head with hot glue. Set aside.

4. Make the wings of the sheet music. Cut off the white edges, they are of no use to you. Use another part of the paper to cut out a 3 inch x 10 inch piece of paper. Fold the paper along the short edge of the zigzag/fan shape. Add some hot glue to the center of the wing and press firmly to fix it. Repeat the process on the other side to keep it arched. Use hot glue to fix the wings on the back of the cover.

5. Cut a piece of jute rope and tie it to the screw to hang the decoration on the tree.

Make a Christmas tree angel with pine cones and chestnuts

Christmas angel diy tree decoration


  • Chestnut
  • Pine cones
  • Maple seed
  • Silver tube cleaner
  • painting
  • brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • string

Instructions for use

1. Use a hot glue gun to fix the chestnuts on the pine cones. Also stick 2 maple seeds on each side of the pine cones and arrange them upward to form wings.

2. Use a very fine brush to draw facial features.

3. Finally, fold a small piece of silver pipe cleaner to shape it into a halo. Use hot glue to fix it on the back of the angel’s head.

DIY wooden spoon Christmas angel

DIY Christmas Angel Ornaments Fir Wooden Spoon


  • Wooden craft spoon
  • White foam board
  • 12 cm round paper doily
  • Line (color of your choice)
  • Golden tube cleaner
  • Fine black marker
  • ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

Christmas angel diy ornaments with fir tree


First, fold the towel in half, and then cut it in half to make angel wings.

2. Cut a white dress and a few strands of hair from the foam sheets. A part of the pipe cleaner was also cut to form a halo. Fold both ends to form a circle, and twist them around each other to secure.

3. Heat up your hot glue gun. Use a thin black marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth on the back of the wooden spoon.

4. Hot glue the thread to the top of the hair spoon. Then glue the white dress and wings. Finally, use a hot glue gun to glue the halo behind the angel’s face.

5. Finally, melt a ribbon on the angel’s back to hang it on the Christmas tree.

Origami Angel-Tutorial

Diy Angel Origami Paper Ornament Christmas Tree

You will need a piece of 15 x 15 cm paper and a 20 cm long ribbon. For the angel’s head, wooden or plastic beads with a diameter of 2.5 cm can be used. You will also need scissors and glue.

Instructions for use

1. First, fold the accordion into a small gap of 1 cm.

2. Then, pass the ribbon thread through the hole of the decorative bead so that it stays in the middle. Tie a knot at the end of the folded paper and separate it by about 0.5 cm. Slide the beads as close as possible to the paper. Then cut off the excess leaves remaining behind the angel’s head.

3. Finally, cut the paper as shown in the photo to form wings. If necessary, other decorative elements can be added.

Source: Angel made from badminton and table

Angel made of wooden clothespins, pipe cleaners and

Christmas angel made of wooden sticks and braided


Pinecone and Chestnut