Christmas Decorations

Imaginative Ideas for Reusing Old Christmas Cards

If you have old Christmas postcard boxes kept at home that you don’t want to throw away, but you don’t know what to use for them either, we have 8 solutions to turn Christmas postcards into something useful and decorative, because a greener Christmas doesn’t have to be a less festive Christmas!

Paper ornaments

This year, instead of buying new Christmas ornaments, use your old Christmas cards to create your own ornaments. Cut out the pictures you like best, make a hole in the top, tie a matching ribbon, and hang it on the Christmas tree. Ecological ornaments, without a doubt!

Christmas placemats

Cut a selection of images from your old Christmas cards – or keep them in one piece – and glue them to a sheet of cardboard the size of a placemat. Once dry, have it laminated. During the Christmas season you can have a festive table every day! This can even be a beautiful recycled Christmas gift made by children for grandparents or uncles. In that case, let the kids write a message on the back of each individual before laminating.

Decoupage postcards

Découpage art allows, using glue, to affix any paper image on materials as diverse as wood, glass, ceramics or cardboard. This means that your old Christmas cards can make vases, wooden boxes, plates, storage boxes or any other decorative item you want to give away more festive. Another idea for a recycled gift that will be a hit under any Christmas pine tree.

Festive labels

Enjoy and cut out the most appealing images from your old Christmas cards to use as labels for Christmas gifts and/or as place markers and/or plate indicators in the buffets of Christmas parties at home.

Tasty postcard

Cut old Christmas cards in half by recycling the part that is written on and reusing the blank part to write one of your favorite Christmas recipes. Then add a copy of this recipe to every Christmas gift or postcard you send – an extra treat that puts old postcards to good use!

Magic frame

Create fun Christmas frames by cutting an oval, circle or square (must fit your chosen photo) from the front of an old Christmas card and glue the photo to the inside so that it appears on it. space. Arrange it on the fireplace, on the entry table or in the fridge.

Christmas Confetti

With a paper shredder or – if you have the time and patience – with a star-shaped punch, snowflake or other seasonal motif, turn old Christmas cards into festive confetti that can be used to decorate glass jars, lying on the Christmas Eve dinner table or thrown into the air on Christmas morning… recycling paper has never been so much fun!

Old vs. New

Cut old Christmas cards in half, recycling the part that is written and reusing the blank part to write this year’s messages. Put it in an envelope and send it as usual! Wishing happy holidays has never been so eco-friendly.