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This is What the Smell of Fresh-baked Cookies Does to Your Interior

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The smell of fresh-baked cookies can bring back memories. For example, when you come across fresh stroopwafel cookies, the smell of fresh-baked cookies can remind you of someone like your grandmother. When the smell is processed in the brain, it goes straight to the region that deals with emotions and memory. Your brain can store a scent for a long time attached to a memory or experience.

Here are some tips to help you make good tasting cookies as their smell:

Read your cookie recipe before you start baking

Ensure you have all the needed ingredients for baking the cookies and you understand the recipe. You must do everything perfectly for good results.  It will help if you have the right attitude when baking. If you want tasty cookies, you should be careful in every step. You cannot substitute or improvise any ingredient. Avoid doing other things while you are mixing the ingredients; a simple mistake can spoil the taste you need in your cookies.

Use good quality tools and utensils

Collect all the tools and utensils you will need and clean them. Use quality bowls and pans. Also, it would be better to have measuring cups and spoons. You should have an oven thermometer to determine if the oven is working at the right temperature.

Use good quality ingredients

It is impossible to get delicious cookies if you use low-quality ingredients to make them. Use fresh and fine ingredients. Follow on what the recipe needs you to have as your ingredients and their temperatures. You need to ensure your baking powder or other ingredients are not expired. Check the expiry date of eggs before you buy.  Always mix your baking powder with the flour first, then you can pour wet ingredients into the mixture to help everything mix well and avoid your cookies ending with holes. You should use the right sugar type for your desired cookies.

Measure your ingredients correctly

Ensure you use the correct amount of ingredients to have perfect and delicious cookies. Baking soda helps the cookies to have a brown color. You need to use the correct amount as too much baking soda leaves a salty taste in cookies. Ensure to use the right flour as indicated in the recipe. You can use all-purpose flour. Avoid using too much flour as it will make the cookies to be very hard. Do not skip salt as it adds flavor to the cookies but use the correct amounts.

It will be better to use different cups when measuring liquid and dry ingredients. You should measure water, milk, and oil using the liquid measuring cup. They should have extra space above the one-cup line to prevent the liquids’ spillings when measuring a full cup. You should have all your ingredients at room temperature for delicious cookies.

Bottom line

The smell of fresh-baked cookies from the oven brings a sense of comfort and happiness. Anytime you come across cookies, their smell makes your brain connect them to memory. It is good to learn how to make delicious cookies that will bring happiness to your family.

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