Advantages and Disadvantages Of Roti Maker In Your Kitchen

Roti maker is a boon to the modern Indian kitchen. People are busy in their working schedules and don’t have much time to spend in lengthy and difficult traditional roti cooking methods. Whether you are a working professional or housewife, it is suitable to cater to all your needs. The surprising thing is that it saves not only time but also money on the go. Also, the underlying fact is that you get delicious Roti for your dinner. But, it is our moral responsibility to share the advantages and disadvantages of Roti maker.

Advantages of Roti maker

Delicious Roti

The traditional method is becoming outdated these days as it gives you uncooked, burned, and hard Roti which no one wishes to be a part of their dinner. But, Roti maker helps to cook delicious Roti which is quick and easy with its proper usage. The secret is that the Roti maker uses an equal amount of time and heat to cook the Roti evenly from both sides with the aluminium griddle. You can enjoy yourself with your family and friends and it is not costly also.

Value for money

Big consideration of modern India is to have value for money. Roti maker is an economical product and does not require a big investment except for some advanced roti making appliances like Rotimatic. There is some roti maker available in the market at cheaper rates. But, if you buy them, believe us, you have to regret your decision. You must invest some money for the best roti makers


Cooking Roti with your traditional method of the Gas cylinder is a costly procedure. You can save lots of money using an Electronic roti maker and can save you money. It is surveyed that you can save at least 30% of the amount on your expenses if you use electronic Roti maker for your Cooking needs.


Sometimes, we ignore the most efficient machines just due to the complexities of the usage procedures. But, Roti maker is so easy to operate that even a child can cook delicious Roti with it. If you try to learn the traditional method, it might take weeks or months to learn. But, the Roti maker process can be learned within a few hours by following instructions given in the user manual or Demo CD.

One-touch program

The best roti makers come with one button touch program which saves a lot of time and you can utilize the saved time in completing other kitchen tasks. Quality Roti makers provide Demo CD with the product, and you can learn within minutes that how efficiently and effectively cook the Roti.

No Mess

Roti making can be messy if you follow the traditional method of cooking. There will be flour spreading on the floor in this method which is quite irritating and messy to clear. But, this is not the case with the Roti maker as you don’t need to use additional flour to cook the Roti and the well-prepared dough is enough to cook delicious roti. By using Roti maker, you have zero mess and it saves a lot of time cleaning the areas around in the traditional method.

Disadvantages of Roti maker

Buying Low-quality Roti maker

Sometimes, people buy low-quality Roti maker for cooking their Roti but due to the low-quality product not only increases hassles but takes lots of time. As a result, you got a misconception that Roti maker is not a good product to cook Roti. But, the actual reason is that you did not use the quality product, which can give you delicious Roti in a quick period.

Need to be little more cautious while cleaning

Compared to the traditional wooden board is quite easy, but electronic Roti maker is not much easy but not that difficult. It can be a little hard, but your overall time will be saved along with delicious Roti for your dinner. Also, you are given proper instructions for cleaning the electronic Roti maker and once you learned, it is not that difficult.

Roti maker is not ideal for commercial use

Take a look at the restaurant kitchen where an expert roti veteran has to make back to back Rotis within a Quick period. Roti makers are ideal for home use and perfect for time-saving, gas and energy. But, commercial Roti makers are quite costly and do not suit to the home kitchen. Roti maker is quite expensive for commercial purposes.


If you ask me whether or not I should buy the Roti maker, my answer will be a big Yes. But, consider the fact that you buy quality Roti maker. I am using Roti maker for the last five years and now, check rotimatic reviews it has become a part of my daily life. It is highly recommended that you should buy Roti, maker, from trusted sources and of high quality. Also, you get services of return/exchange the product with a certain time limit.