7 Dreamy Bridal Dresses Coming in 2020

Attention brides to be! Designers all around the world have recently released there 2020 bridal gown collections and they’re nothing short of breathtaking.

So if you were worried about what design to go for you’ll be presented with awe-inspiring dresses to base your own ideas off of. Are you going to have your bridal gown custom made? Then take a look at these 7 dreamy bridal dresses that will be trending in 2020.

These stunning dresses might give you the inspiration you need to create your own fairytale bridal gown.

1. Elegant Pearl Sequence Bridal Dress

Pearls are making a comeback in fashion and it’s proven to enhance the elegance of bridal gowns.

In ancient times pearls represented purity. Other cultures believe that wearing pearls on your wedding day will ensure a long and happy marriage. Although these are merely superstitions pearls are a superior choice when you’re looking for materials.

The traditional way to wear bridal pearls is around your neck or as a pair of dainty earrings. But designers have decided that this form of jewellery should be embedded into a bridal gown. Small glossy pearls are woven into flutter sleeves or intricate patterns are formed using the stones.

If you’re hiring a dress you may not experience the full aesthetics of the pearl design as they may be cheap plastic that won’t look pleasing to the eye. Instead, look for bridal dresses Melbourne based designers can create to get your pearly wedding dress.

2. Beautiful Soft Shoulder Draping Straps

Brides to be with smaller shoulders might want to accentuate them by including soft draping straps to their wedding dresses. The asymmetrical swooping sleeve effect offers a classical look when you use soft materials namely silk or satin. Thule is also a popular material for draping wedding dress straps.

Draping straps that slip over your deltoids with an elegant sweetheart neckline will accentuate your bust and it’s particularly effective for ladies who have a smaller frame.

3. Streamlined Sporty Bridal Dresses

Some ladies like to keep it simple and that’s why sporty wedding dresses are fashionable right now. They have no sequences, flowing straps or extravagant skirts. Sporty wedding dresses have a streamlined neckline such as a thin halter style and the overall dress is A-line shaped.

4. Fairytale Sparkles

Glitter, sequence and precious gemstones are all light-reflecting materials that can make you sparkle like a fairy princess when you walk down the aisle. Crystal embellishments are popular as they come in a variety of colours that will make your dress glitter in the light.

5. The Bridal Jumpsuit

Carefree women who love the look of the 70s might find bridal jumpsuits to be the perfect alternative to a gown. Make no mistake that jumpsuits can be made to look exceptionally sophisticated if you wrap a metallic gold belt around your waist.

Select from all kinds of necklines and materials to show how daring you can be. Bridal laced jumpsuits are popular at the moment with big bellbottom flares and halter necklines helping you to make style statements.

6. Flowing Chiffon Skirts and Sequenced Bodice

Combining textures and materials will be hitting the bridal scene in 2020. The idea of wedding dresses is to create flow and elegance at the bottom & a contoured bodice to enhance your figure. So why not use two types of textures to create a double effect?

In 2020 you’ll see many fashionable bridal skirts made from flowing chiffon in various colours of plum, gold and lilac. A taught bodice with sequence or embroidery will create a stunning double textured design.

Flowing dresses are perfect for springtime as it’s airy and light. You’ll be able to walk down the aisle feeling like you’re floating on air.

7. Vines and Flowers

Vines and flowers are typically seen as retro or old fashioned, but have you seen how beautiful dark coloured flowers look on a white wedding dress? Break the tradition of solid white wedding gowns and embroider bold colours into the trimming, sleeves & waist area.

Embroidered vines on vales are also extremely popular. Frame a long flowing vale with sequences or laced vines to create a contrast of texture and colour. Incorporate other trends such as pearl flowers and shimmering leaves made with precious stones.

Final Thoughts

It’s always best to get an opinion from a professional designer. Opt to get your dress handcrafted so you know it will be made with premium quality stitching, materials, sequences and patterns.

There are many options of bridal gowns Melbourne based designers can create for you. So take a few elements from the bridal gowns that will be trending in the year 2020 and have a designer make your dream wedding dress.

So how will you be designing your bridal gown for your 2020 wedding?