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Straw Basket Practical Ideas for Organizing Your Home

Straw baskets are economical and versatile options to decorate and organize the home environments, bringing a rustic and sophisticated touch. Practicality must be the greatest ally of a modern decor. Therefore, creative ideas that allow you to keep your home environments well decorated and, at the same time, organized, are on the rise. Sorting boxes, fair crates and other utensils have become a trend to bring a rustic touch – while keeping the house in order. In this wave, the straw basket also appeared as an option to organize wardrobes, bathrooms, pantry, laundry and even the living room.

With that in mind, we’ve separated  amazing tips to use the object in your little corner and make the environments more charming and organized. All this, on top of that, spending little. Check out!

Inspirations for betting on straw baskets at home


Straw baskets can be great options for decorating and optimizing the space of open concept closets, for example. The tip is to use the objects to store items that do not wrinkle, such as underwear, pajamas and scarves. In the children’s wardrobe, it can also be useful for storing toys.


Bathroom shelves tend to look disorganized due to the variety of products stored in this room. Therefore, you can invest in straw baskets to store personal care items, toilet paper, towels or even to separate dirty clothes.


A well-organized pantry makes all the difference, not just visually, but when we find what we want to eat. By using straw baskets, foods can be separated according to categories, such as snacks, fruits, groceries, sauces… It’s even worth betting on labels to determine the correct location for each item.

Living room

Straw baskets are ideal for super economical decorations and, at the same time, a sophisticated appearance for the living room. One suggestion is to use the object to store blankets or pillows. That way, when the cold weather hits, they’ll be right there next to you.


The same suggestion valid for the pantry and the bathroom also applies to the laundry. This is because the room is much more harmonious and visually organized when cleaning products, for example, are kept in their proper place. If you count on shelves, straw baskets still contribute to the decoration of the room.


That plants are super hot in decoration, you already know, but an idea to innovate in the trend is to invest in straw baskets as vases. The bet contrasts with the green tones of nature and brings a new air of sophistication to the decor.


To close the list with a golden key, there could be an unusual idea for using the straw basket in the decoration. With a dose of creativity and craftsmanship, you can turn the object into a pendant chandelier. The result is amazing and very “different”. Blast!