Bedroom Design

Peaceful Ideas for Creating a Greener Bedroom

For those who can’t do without a lifestyle that is as environmentally friendly as possible, making the house more ecological is as important as recycling. In the room that you want as quiet as possible – the bedroom – there are several ideas to put into practice to transform this into a greener sanctuary.


The basis for a good night’s sleep is the mattress which, in addition to being comfortable, can also be ecological – just opt ​​for models made with natural latex, wool, organic cotton or melamine. If it is not possible to change mattress, invest in an organic and hypoallergenic mattress cover.


Resting your head on an organic pillow is a comforting and eco-friendly gesture – opt for ecological pillows, ie pillows in organic cotton or wool. Pillows filled with natural latex or buckwheat are also a good option. In addition, it is important to periodically air the bed pillows, preferably in the sun.

Bed linen

When it’s time to supply the bed with sheets, blankets, blankets and duvets, look for labels that denounce 100% natural products, that is, made with organic fibers. In summer, the option should be linen or organic cotton sheets and, in winter, organic flannel sheets. In terms of blankets and duvets, the choice should also fall on models in organic wool (more expensive, but durable) or, alternatively, models in organic cotton. Avoid anything containing polyester (they are made with petroleum-based fibres) and pure silk, as this requires dry cleaning, a very toxic process.

Other textiles

Who says the bed linen, also says the other textiles that contribute to the decoration and coziness of a bedroom. Curtains, blinds and rugs can also be chosen with an ecological profile – just opt ​​for organic and/or recycled materials, such as cotton, wool, linen and bamboo; or natural fibers such as sisal, seagrass or coconut fiber.


When it comes to furniture for a more environmentally friendly bedroom, the choice should fall on solid wood pieces, avoiding furniture with varnish and other similar finishes, pressed wood and MDF (medium density wood fiber board). Why? These materials contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which, in addition to compromising air quality, are associated with respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, eye and skin irritation.


As a rule, the bedroom is a refuge at night, where artificial lighting is essential – replace all traditional light bulbs with ecological ones. Fortunately, there are already many models that emit a soft and welcoming light, perfect for an environment-friendly decoration in the room. If candles are part of your bedroom lighting, make sure you buy candles made from soy or beeswax – they are greener, healthier.


A greener room is also about having environmentally friendly walls, which means opting for ecological, milk-based, biodegradable paints or, alternatively, recycled wallpaper.

Heat and cold

Comfort is everything in a room, however, you need to make sure you have adequate bedding so that you don’t use excessive heating in winter, and air conditioning in summer. In addition to saving money, you’ll also save energy… and the planet thanks you!