Murano glass, a Venetian excellence

A sneak peek of the most famous Italian glass

Murano glass creations have been used in the most prestigious homes for centuries for both decoration purposes and in the kitchen in the form of precious glasses and carafes.

Murano is a little island from which such products take their name and it’s not far from the world famous Italian city of Venice. The island has established a name for itself in the industry of glass making since the production was moved there in the XIII century by order of the Doge. The reason behind such decision was to preserve Venice from the further outbreak of devastating fires which already damaged it.

Nowadays the glassmaking production process still happens entirely in Murano following the techniques and ancient secrets carried on from generation to generation, and the magnificent artworks that come out of its furnaces are sold and beloved all the same. The catalogue of creations available is huge and it divides into eight well defined categories which are: glass blown vases, decorative glass centerpieces, glassware, glass sculptures, glass blown goblets, decorative mirrors, bead glass jewlery and other products born from the creativity of the Masters glassmakers.

Master glassmaker” – in Italian “Maestro vetraio” or simply “Maestro” – is the title which an artisan earns if he’s deemed worthy. The only way to claim such title is making admired masterpieces which show one’s ability in working and shaping the molten glass to their will.

The skilled, experienced, strong yet delicate hands of such people probably give their best in the creation of glass vases and sculptures. The decorative vases you will find are available both in modern or classic style and in a wide range of colour, so you can be sure that they will suit your home no matter what. As for glass sculptures, such unique creations are able to light up any room with multiple shades of colour and they are available in a variety of themes. The most outstanding examples are Picasso Heads glass sculptures, sculptures depicting lovers in the act of hugging, horse sculptures and those protraying marine life.

Other well-known Murano glass products admired around the world are glass mirrors, glass blown goblets and centerpieces. Glass mirrors, also known as “Venetian mirrors” are such unique creations that they have been enhancing the most exclusive homes since many centuries and are still very appreciated by people around the world. As for glass blown goblets, they excellently represent the ancient Venetian glass tradition. There are mainly three kinds of goblets which are decorative ones, medieval ones and lastly those with more luxurious and intricated designs and gold leaf decors. With objects like these on display you can be sure that everyone of your guest will be impressed!

Glass blown centerpieces are remarkable decorative items as well. There are mainly three kinds of them, those being: glass decorative bowls, decorative glass plates and decorative eggs. Even though the adjective “decorative” may lead to misleadings bolws different in dimensions, colours and shapes can prove useful to carry fruit, thus becoming aesthetically pleasing and functional objects of design.

When mentioning functionality, Murano glassware can’t be left out. The line of products included in such category are respectively glass tumblers, drinking glasses and glass carafes. Glass tumblers or “Goti de fornasa”, are a milestone of Venetian history. They are particular types of drinking glasses, different from one another, which Master glassmakers have been using for centuries to drink while working in the incandescent temperatures of the furnaces.

On the other hand, blown drinking glasses consist in regular glasses fit for water and wine. What makes them different from similar products in commerce is the fact that they are very colorful and lavishly decorated, especially with “Murrine”. Murrine is a special kind of decor invented in Murano which consists in tiny multicolored glass pearls melted together and it’s been very popular since its first use.

Some Murano glass art pieces which are less known but still impressive creations are jewelery items such as bead glass necklaces and bead glass bracelets. Such unique items are guaranteed to make you stand out from the masses. Whether you prefer a classic design or a more modern eye-catching one you can be sure that such refined object will be the perfect addiction to any outfit.

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