Ideas to Organize Clothes for a Room Without a Closet

With racks and shelves you can organize your pieces without needing a wardrobe. Check out closetless bedroom inspirations! To get away from the ordinary or even to cut your decorating budget, you can creatively organize a room without a closet. Alternatives such as racks, dressers, niches and shelves are great for putting your clothes, accessories and shoes in order without having to invest in a large wardrobe.

In small rooms this is also an excellent idea to save space. In this case, reserve a part of the environment to place a macaw, organize the shoes on the floor or in a low shoe rack and, if you still need space, bet on niches or a dresser to place the other pieces. Below, you can see practical and affordable solutions to replace the cabinet in decoration.

Creative ideas for organizing a room without a closet

Clothes rack

Macaws are economical and, in addition to replacing the wardrobe, are options full of charm for the room’s decoration. The tip is to bet on wooden or iron versions and invest in standardized hangers to convey the idea of ​​organized space. Finally, it’s worth taking advantage of the lower shelf to store shoes or bags.


Furniture is very common in the decoration of baby rooms, for example, but it is also very useful for organizing rooms without wardrobes. The models found on the market are diverse and match any style of decor. To top it off, mirrors, plants and paintings look amazing when positioned on top of the dresser.


These are inexpensive and very practical options to store clothes in an organized manner. Shelves can be used alone in decoration or together with a rack or dresser. The format is ideal for keeping shoes or pieces “folding”, for example, but it requires an extra dose of organization.


If you have a lot of shoes and don’t have a place to store them in the room without a closet, the tip is to invest in a shoe rack to organize the pieces. The best part is that, depending on the choices, shoes can even contribute to the room’s decor, bringing a touch of personality to the room.


For a more discreet option, it is possible to keep the clothes “hidden” with the help of a curtain. The fabric will replace the wardrobe doors and make the room look more organized. Once you’ve chosen the model that best suits your decor, just add a few shelves and hangers according to your storage needs.


Like shelves, niches are versatile alternatives to replace the closet at a low cost. To make everything more organized, the tip is to bet on straw or fabric baskets to store items such as underwear and handkerchiefs.


Also known as fair crates, they are great at creating a variety of furniture, including shelves, tables and even beds. To make your own pallets wardrobe, the tip is to plan well the space needed for your clothes and evaluate the amount of boxes needed. At this time, it is worth painting the object in the color of your choice or betting on the natural tone of the way.

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