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20 Smart Tips for Choosing the Ready-made Wardrobe

Ready-made Wardrobe

The wardrobe is the protagonist of the bedroom decoration, so it must be chosen carefully. See models and tips!

In addition to protecting fabrics and leaving the room more organized, the wardrobe adds a lot to the decoration. Choosing the right furniture can make the environment more spacious and cozy. Discover wardrobe models and see how to choose the best option for your bedroom.

Nowadays, it is possible to find several solutions for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories. The wardrobe stands out as the essential piece of furniture in this regard, as it provides conditions to keep everything neat and easy to find.


Here are some tips on how to choose the right wardrobe for your bedroom:

1. Watch Your Stuff

Before choosing the ideal wardrobe model, take a look at your clothes. See the number of pieces that need to be stored in the furniture and how you usually keep the items (folded clothes or hanging on hangers). With this information, it is possible to define the ideal amount of drawers and dividers.

2. Write down the measurements of the environment.

Measure the wall where the wardrobe will be located, from side to side, floor to ceiling. Space determines the number of doors that the furniture will have.

3. Consider the finish

The wardrobe is the most significant volume in the room, so it influences the direction of the decoration. The white models work like wildcards, as they go with everything. The furniture finished in wood, on the other hand, is in charge of making the environment cozier. Darker furniture adds personality to the bedroom.

4. Attention to materials

Ready-made Wardrobe 2

Solid wood wardrobes are more resistant and can be painted with different colors of paint. The cheaper models, made with wood derivatives (MDP, for example), have a layer of melamine laminate, which can imitate the appearance of wood or be colored.

5. Test hinges and slides

Before buying furniture at the store, try to open and close doors and drawers. This way, you can check that the material is of good quality and that the slides and hinges work perfectly. Hardware reflects the durability of the wardrobe, so don’t ignore this recommendation.

6. Check dimensions

Anyone who is in the habit of hanging clothes on hangers should have a very deep wardrobe. The perfect measure ranges from 55cm to 60cm. In small environments, the idea is to insert a 45cm deep cabinet, as they take up less space and optimize the circulation area.

Unlike a planned wardrobe model, the finished closet doesn’t reach the ceiling, but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose storage space. The upper part of the furniture can be used to store organizer boxes or suitcases.

7. Consider the doors

Ready-made Wardrobe 1

The free space between the bed and the wardrobe determines which is the ideal wardrobe model. If you need to free up space for circulation, furniture with a sliding door stands out as the most appropriate.

Wardrobes with opening doors have a well-aligned front. However, they require more space than models with sliding doors.

8. Evaluate the divisions

The interior of the cabinet is divided into a coat rack, niches, and drawers. There are organizers for each interior division of the closet that help to optimize space.

Main wardrobe models

See separated wardrobe models. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each piece of furniture:

10. Double Wardrobe

10. Double Wardrobe

For use by a couple, the wardrobe must be large and made up of many partitions. These features prevent mess inside and outside the furniture. If the space in the bedroom doesn’t allow for a double-sized wardrobe, the tip is to bet on models that are taller than they are wide, where the upper part of the furniture is flush with the ceiling.

Double wardrobe models have six or eight doors. The interior must have a clothes rack, shelves, drawers, and space to put shoes.

11. Single Wardrobe

11. Single Wardrobe

The size of a single bedroom wardrobe can vary widely. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the user’s needs and choose one that houses everything needed. In addition, the choice should be defined by the number of drawers, primarily if it is used by children or teenagers, as they help keep clothes organized.

Single wardrobe models usually have four or two sliding doors.

12. Wardrobe with sliding door

12. Wardrobe with sliding door

The wardrobe with a sliding door is the best option for small rooms. As the doors do not open outwards as in traditional models, it is possible to save many centimeters, allowing that circulation in the space is not impaired.

Most of these models have mirror doors. The room’s reflection also favors the spaciousness of the space, which can make the room even more pleasant. But in these cases, you need to position the wardrobe on a wall that is at least 1.5 meters away from the bed.

Furniture with sliding doors has some disadvantages, such as the fact that two people cannot get ready at the same time. In addition, the opening system is more fragile compared to the traditional model.

13. White Wardrobe

13. White Wardrobe

Opting for light-colored furniture is also a way to make the room more spacious. The white wardrobe makes the room decor cleaner and can even help sleep, as it increases the feeling of comfort and makes the environment more conducive to rest.

Remember that it’s also okay to combine a white wardrobe with a dark-colored bed, as long as the walls don’t have solid and warm colors like red, orange, and yellow.

To not leave the room’s atmosphere cold and monotonous, bet on elements of color in the decor.

14. Children’s Wardrobe

14. Children's Wardrobe

The wardrobe for the nursery or children’s room usually has different colors and even designs; however, these characteristics should not be chosen without first observing all the decoration. Care must be taken not to overcharge the environment.

For ease of use, choose a wardrobe with a low height to have some independence and help keep the space in order. For security reasons, avoid those with a mirror on the door.

15. Masonry Wardrobe

15. Masonry Wardrobe

Masonry wardrobes guarantee quality, as, unlike wooden cabinets, they do not have a maximum usage time. Ideally, it should be planned along with the bedroom so that every inch can be enjoyed.

As they usually do not have doors, this type of wardrobe should not be in the same room as the bed. For this reason, it looks better in large rooms, where you can create ample space for it and exclusive for clothing, such as closets.

16. Planned Wardrobe

16. Planned Wardrobe

Also an excellent option for those who still have their room under construction or renovation. This type of wardrobe saves space, as the height, width, dividers, and even the number of drawers measures can be defined by the user and according to the area available in the bedroom.

Another advantage is the freedom to choose materials and colors. The buyer can determine the type of door and choose or not a mirror.

17. Glass doors

17. Glass doors

The wardrobe with glass doors is modern, different, and capable of transforming the decor. Models with dark glass are the most recommended, as they don’t leave the clothes so exposed.

18. LED Lights

18. LED Lights

When installed on the shelves, the LED strips facilitate the daily life of the resident when it comes to finding items to wear. It’s a good suggestion, especially for custom furniture.

19. Open Wardrobe

19. Open Wardrobe

The open wardrobe concept became popular in Brazil and can be assembled differently in the bedroom to save space and money. Macaws and niches are reasonable solutions.

20. Monochrome

20. Monochrome

The monochromatic effect is on the rise in the decor, including in the double and single rooms. The wardrobe in a single color can add a touch of modernity to the room.