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Graceful and Pretty Flower Decor Ideas for You

You’ve probably noticed that all the pictures of homes that fill the best decorating magazines have one thing in common: flowers in the decor! The truth is that a floral arrangement or a set of flowers in half a dozen small containers can instantly transform any space, giving it life and color.

Types of flowers

Natural, artificial, dried, in glass, silk or paper (origami), flowers are a decorative element that match any style, any environment, contributing to the final look with their colors, textures, mood and fragrance. Although all of them require specific care, especially cleaning, in the case of artificial flowers, and maintenance, such as fresh flowers, the versatility of a floral arrangement is unlimited.

The best containers

While there’s nothing quite like a traditional glass or crystal vase to display a beautiful floral arrangement, flower decor today becomes more creative and unexpected. Any large container can accommodate a bouquet of flowers or a few small vases grouped together to arrange one or two buds in each. There are countless containers that can be used not only to display the flowers, but also as a decorative piece: colored and/or patterned vases; vintage cans and watering cans; crockery jars; old kettles; wicker, wicker or bamboo baskets; bottles of wine or other beverages; glass cups and jars of all sizes and colors; bowls or other low containers that can be used to float flowers. Adapt the container to be used to the existing decoration in the space where you will place the flowers.

Floral colors

Decorating with flowers also involves choosing the colors that best match the space in question: for a dazzling visual effect, incorporate the room ‘s color palette into the floral arrangement. On the other hand, you can choose flowers all the same, in a single color or a monochromatic floral decoration, that is, made up of several shades of the same color. To make decorative flowers a real point of interest in a room, choose a color that really stands out – for example, in a room dominated by black and white, a vase of red tulips will stand out; or, balance a multicolored space with an arrangement of white flowers.

One season, one flower

Decorating with flowers becomes easier, cheaper and more attractive when they are chosen according to the time of year. Although there are some types of flowers that are available all year round, there are others that are not, so in spring favor tulips and daffodils, opting for a color palette in bold tones or pastels. Sunflowers and dahlias are perfect flowers for a summer decoration, preferably in vibrant tones, which can be complemented by other natural elements such as seashells.or stones. In autumn, the highlight goes to flowers in warm and cozy tones, such as chrysanthemums or red sunflowers, which can be combined with the colorful autumn leaves. Amaryllis, camellias and poinsettias are typical of winter and can be displayed not only with Christmas decorations, but also with natural seasonal elements, such as holly and pine cones.

Stylish flowers

The decoration with flowers can also be done taking into account the decorative style that predominates in the space or that is most appreciated by each person:

Traditional/classic style:

Flowers with large, full petals – roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations, gladioli or anthurium, for example – complemented by gypsophila, green foliage, solidago or dried fruit, in glass, crystal, silver, bronze or porcelain.

Contemporary style:

Exotic, showy flowers with few buds – vases, strelitzia (bird of paradise), anthuriums, heliconias and orchids, with little or no green foliage, to exclusively highlight the flower – must be displayed in jars with simple lines of glass, metal, stainless steel or leather.

Rustic/country style:

Country and colorful flowers – gerberas, tulips, daisies, dahlias, yarrow, wild roses, scab, among others – are displayed, in a charming way, in containers such as baskets, terracotta vases, small buckets, cans or watering cans.

Romantic style:

Soft, fragrant pastel flowers – gardenias, roses, peonies, freesias and lavender – are casually displayed in glass, crystal or silver vases.