25 Beautiful Small Kitchen Ideas Proves Size Doesn’t Matter

Good taste and style have no limits, even when space is very small. You might not like having a small hallway kitchen or the smallest on the face of the earth, but there’s always room for creativity and the clever use of colors, patterns, and materials. In this way it is possible to transform even the narrowest of kitchens into a useful and pleasant room.

1. Shelves without a door

This narrow kitchen is increasingly common in apartments. Open shelves without doors gain space and, by placing stylish objects, also personality.

2. Minimalism

small kitchen ideas

The clean lines and light, simple color palette create an airy and minimalist environment, giving the impression that the room is larger. As there was not much space for the sink counter , the designer placed a table to support and assist in the preparation of food.

3. Modern cabinets

The designer managed to take the claustrophobic feel of this kitchen with the modern furniture, clean lines and in white color.

4. Luxury materials

small kitchen

The kitchen may be small, but luxury items like a black marble counter and an old oven always have space. The furniture is clean and white.

5. Think about the space

simple kitchen

This cute little kitchen has so much to love: open shelves, wooden table and counter, green cabinets with retro handles, and classic black and white flooring. It’s an example of how a room, even a tiny one, can look amazing if you think about the details.

6. Small white kitchen

white kitchen

White walls and white cabinets are almost unanimous in small kitchens. But the colorful pans gave life and personality to the environment.

7. Small colorful kitchen

colorful kitchen

White kitchen is playing in the comfort zone. Prints and dark colors are much more risky. But when it hits, it’s amazing. This one has floating, open modules and a stamped sink counter.

8. Pastel colors

small kitchen

Different items in pastel colors, marble sink counter, beautiful rug with history and plants make this kitchen unique. It’s a place that makes you want to cook.

9. Trick with kitchen cabinets

small kitchen

Do you live in a place with dated cabinets and decor? The trick is to remove the cabinet doors and thus create fake open shelves. Use beautiful dishes on these pieces to create a decor.

10. Architectural Details

small kitchen

This European kitchen gains beauty with its black and white palette and graphic layout, in addition to architectural details such as the window and glass bricks.

11. Fun accessories

small kitchen

Even the most basic space can gain personality with unique accessories. Here, the futuristic pendant lamp, chandelier and frame set the tone.

12. Go to big stores

small kitchen

A half-old kitchen can be transformed with items purchased at fair prices from large home decor stores and a painting in the cabinets. Also, the geometric rug is the icing on the cake.

13. Vertical

small kitchen

Decorated by BHDM Design , this New York kitchen is an oasis. The vertical tiles conferred sophistication.

14. Personality

small kitchen

Even an all-white kitchen like this can have character. Here, the retro table and chairs ensemble, the colorful striped rug, the ruffled curtains and the asymmetrical light pendant accomplish the feat.

15. Transform the space

small kitchen

Designed by the A+B Kasha office , this small, oddly shaped kitchen in an old Parisian building was originally a closet. Wooden cabinets have brought it into the 21st century.

16. Custom Items

small kitchen

In limited space, customizing to fit exactly where it fits is the big secret. Maybe you can’t make modular cabinets, but you can install shelves in the exact corner that’s left over. But notice that on the shelves only the most beautiful pieces are on display.

17. In the footprint of the local architecture

small kitchen

Taking the same path as space architecture is a smart choice. We love how the wooden shelves blend with the rustic planks. Also the wooden furniture reflects the architecture.

18. Put mirrors

small kitchen

This small kitchen is also romantic: it seems inspired by a French patisserie. White cabinets, marble top, pink carpet, flowers and feminine details give the place a lot of personality. Mirrors are strategically placed to make the space larger.

19. Timeless

country kitchen

Clean but country-style fixtures add a farmhouse vibe to this kitchen. But the floor and tiles are timeless.

20. Strategic locations

small kitchen

The island with cooktop stove was great for the use of space. Also, the marble backsplash along with the blue cabinets became sophisticated and modern.

21. Earth tones

small kitchen

This contemporary kitchen has something most small spaces don’t: coziness. It comes from the earthy tones of cabinets, table, chairs and vases.

22. Hang pans

small kitchen

Hanging pots and pans is not only a space solution, it also adds a design element to the place.

23. Mix

swedish kitchen

Mixing old and new furniture gives a nice balance.

24. Industrial decoration

industrial kitchen

Subway tile, factory style pendant, rustic wooden roof and floating shelves. Enigmatic and industrial kitchen.

25. Renew

small kitchen

This dated kitchen is completely different and sophisticated with its lacquered surfaces and others in wood.

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