Escape Rooms in Edmonton: Game Features and Varieties

Escape rooms are a completely unique form of entertainment in Edmonton. The game’s main idea is that the participants need to leave the thematically decorated room within a certain time. Mindfulness, logic, and erudition are the main helpers of the participants.

Escape Hour invites everyone to test their own capabilities. Finding all the clues, identifying logical relationships, and solving puzzles are necessary. You will come across items that have long gone out of modern use and perhaps learn how to use innovative appliances. But remember that the use of any cheat sheets is strictly prohibited. Each step of the participants is monitored through video surveillance. Visit the escape room in Edmonton with relatives and friends, or organize an unforgettable corporate quest!

5 Basic Types of Escape Games

There are many types of escape rooms in Edmonton, but the main ones include the following:

  1. Physical. Escapers are required to manipulate objects in the room in order to solve various types of physical puzzles and find a way out;
  2. Performance. This quest is one of the scariest but, at the same time, exciting. The heroes of the theatrical performance will scare you and interfere with solving logical tasks in a variety of ways;
  3. Morpheus. The players are blindfolded. Therefore, you have to look for a way out of the room, relying on your own feelings of touch, smell, and hearing;
  4. Horror quest. Fear and horror accompany the gamers throughout the game. Every move can lead to unintended consequences;
  5. Action game. It differs in that it requires logical thinking and the implementation of physical exercises.

If you are a fan of riddles and puzzles in a thematically equipped room – visit the escape room in Edmonton and get an unforgettable experience!