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Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Room Look Messy

What do you see when you enter the house? A calm, beautiful and clean space or a cluttered and visually polluted room? Consider eliminating and organizing some items in your living room to have a nice, tidy, pleasant, and ready-to-go environment for relaxing, watching TV, or entertaining friends. Check out Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Room Look Messy.

Apparent and tangled strands

Apparent threads have become almost “invisible” when we are already used to space. But these irritating details of modern life cause a lot of visual pollution and you only notice how much they bother when cleaning. When you hide or hide wires, the room instantly feels less cluttered, you can use hooks, clamps, channels, boxes or other features to hide apparent wires.

Excess of objects

A pair of eye-catching pillows or all the travel souvenirs dotted around the room can make our living rooms a magnet for any collectible trinket. The tendency is to add more and more objects over time and this becomes something very dangerous. Frequently review the objects, remove and save some of these items for a more elegant and organized room.

Messy coffee table

Our coffee tables naturally attract clutter like stacks of magazines and books, remote controls and more. Always keep the table surface with as few items as possible for a clean look. You don’t need to remove all the decorations, you just need to dose the amount so that everything is harmonious.

Poorly arranged or cluttered furniture

If there’s a place in your living room that you don’t like, because it’s uncomfortable, uncomfortable, or because you can’t talk or watch TV, think of some solutions to solve the problem. If the problem is comfort when sitting, replace the piece with a more comfortable one, add pillows or try to change the layout of the room. Also avoid leaning furniture such as sofas, armchairs and side tables against the wall, always leave a small space between the furniture and the wall to bring depth to the room and avoid the feeling of tightness.

Empty corners

The living room tends to be the center of home decor, and it’s vital that you pay attention to the corners of this room, which depending on size, layout and setup can be a focal point or the point of clutter. Corners shouldn’t be neglected in decor, especially in your living room when they really add to the decor with the use of mirrors, plants, and other objects.

Inadequate lighting

Does your room look cold and dull? Try to improve the lighting, change white (cold) bulbs for yellow ones and abuse indirect lighting with the use of lamps, floor lamps or candles. You can use a digital timer and program the time to turn the lamps on and off, always providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.