10 Suggestions for Decorating on a Tight Budget

Once you decide to move on your own, get married, move into your first home, or invest in your own home, there is not always a budget left over for decoration. Even on a tight budget, everyone wants to live in a beautiful house. When the budget is tight, it is essential to use creativity to decorate the environment without spending too much and still obtain a harmonious and pleasant final result. Here are some tips on how to decorate on a tight budget and upgrade your home.

1- Plants

Plants always add charm and elegance to any environment and must be present in the decoration of the house. Choose the plants according to the environment, analyze the lighting and humidity of the place. When choosing the plants for your home, talk about your expectations with the landscaper or the florist. You will undoubtedly receive the indication of appropriate plants for your environment. Some plant species are widely used in interior decoration because they adapt very well to any space and do not require much care. My favorites to be used inside the house are orchids, bunches of money, succulents, lucky bamboo, and palm trees. Having plants in the decoration of the house makes your environment more beautiful and pleasant. You can buy the plants in supermarkets.

2- Crafts

Crafts are very rich in details and at a very affordable price. They can decorate every corner of the house or have a prominent space. The great advantage of crafts is that you can make it yourself using your creativity and imagination. Baskets can turn into lamps, pot rests turn into a beautiful headboard or wall arrangement, and crochet can give a new face to that puff that has had better days.

3- Recycling

Recycling is a more current theme than ever, and using pieces made from recycled elements and materials is on the rise in decoration. Pallets, crates, bottles, tires, boxes, scraps of construction material, barrels, and more that would otherwise be discarded, are worked and modified to create environments with charm, elegance, and environmental responsibility, a way to save money and still help in the conservation of the nature.

4- Antiques

Antique shops can be an exciting option to save money and still get unique pieces. You can find many different objects and elements that sometimes need a good cleaning and polishing to recover their original beauty. These pieces are usually traded for meager prices, and even in the “grandma’s trunk,” you can find interesting objects that, with a good coat of paint, can stand out for their uniqueness.

5- Stickers

Stickers are ideal for customizing any corner of the house or object. When chosen with good taste, the stickers become a creative and charming element that can bring the environment to life without taking up space. If you want to renew the look of your walls but don’t want to paint or use wallpaper, opt for stickers, which will help you decorate with economy and personality.

6- Promotions and fairs

Do note the calendar of events and exciting sales to be able to buy parts at discounts. Events such as fairs, deals, and promotions can be short-lived and take place a few times a year, usually in January and July. Fairs are an excellent opportunity to buy products at a discount. If you like to visit decoration shows, such as the Morar Mais por Menos show, most stores sell the pieces exhibited for a lower price than the marketed one in the last days of the event. Also, take advantage of the dinnerware fair to renew your home’s dinner sets. Close to Curitiba, the city of Campo Largo is a hub for porcelain, and in times of fair, buying is always a bargain. Keep an eye on what’s happening and mark the date in your calendar, so you don’t miss any opportunities.

7- Frames

It is not necessary to have a Picasso on your wall for the decoration to be appreciated. The purpose of the frame is to match the rest of the decor, complementing the style and giving personality to each room. Once my art teacher used to say, “Art is everything that goes with the sofa.” You can choose frames at more affordable prices and get the decoration you want without significant expenses. Just have good taste when choosing and look for a balance. You can buy ready-made frames from home improvement stores, frame shops, or the internet, then print your favorite images on unique or photographic paper.

8- Cushions and puffs

The pillows will always be allies of the decoration, and to renew the appearance of an environment, change the pillow covers and change their position. Everything will have a new look with virtually no expense. Puffs are also great to contribute to the decor, and you can choose different prints to stand out and enrich the look.

9- Lighting

Lighting is one of my favorite decor items, and it makes all the difference in interior design. Lighting creates a game of light and shadow and enhances all spaces, so freely explore lighting in the decoration, creating scenes and enhancing each area, with lamps, sconces, spots, candles, etc. You can improvise and use new materials to create unique and fun lighting fixtures.

10- Photos

Which decorative element can be better than the image of the people in the house? Decorating using photos of family moments is an exciting practice, and many people adopt it to give personality and identity to their environments. A wall lined with pictures or a group of small paintings will make all the difference in the decoration, besides being something exclusive!

Decoration doesn’t always need significant investments because decorating only requires good taste and creativity when combining elements. Before buying this or that, analyze your environment carefully and decide what you want for it, what you want to feel when you are there and how you want it to be seen by outsiders. Once you reach these conclusions, let your imagination run wild.

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