Bedroom Headboard Decor Ideas to Get Inspired

The headboard makes the decor much more beautiful and the room more stylish. Check out some ideas on how to customize yours! What stands out the most in a room is the bed, right? Therefore, the decoration around it must be very well planned to harmonize with the rest of the room. The headboard is an item that may even seem expendable, but it makes the environment more comfortable, defines your space and complements the place. We list some different and creative ideas to bet on this object – according to your decorating style. Check out!

Headboard ideas to complement the decor


The upholstered headboard is a classic and comfortable option to complete the room’s decor. You can opt for velvety or leather-looking models; both look beautiful and stylish.


Another possibility that never goes out of style is the wooden headboard. By itself, the object is capable of transforming the decoration of the environment, making everything more sophisticated. Invest in dark tones if you want to bet on this effect even more.

Circular Painting

Want a headboard option that has become an absolute trend lately? So bet on the version painted on the wall. To reproduce it is very simple, just choose the color of your choice and mark the desired shape with a pencil or tape on the wall. Then just paint, taking care not to go over the markings.


The iron headboard is simple and modern, and can be ideal for those who like minimalist decor. However, despite being beautiful, it is worth considering whether this is the most comfortable option for supporting your back before going to bed. If that’s not a problem for you, it’s worth betting on the trend.


Those who want to give their bedroom a touch of craftsmanship can choose this wicker or straw headboard. The model is very delicate and creative, impacting the entire decoration of the environment. Perhaps this is the missing item to make your room look like the rooms in decor magazines.


Sophistication will take over your room when you choose this rustic headboard. Unlike options made of wooden slats, the pieces are unique and there will never be another one like yours. The result is amazing!


To get away from the obvious and invest in a creative decorating idea, it’s worth investing in geometric headboards, made from the most diverse materials. The option made up of hexagons, for example, mixes synthetic leather with wood, resembling a bee hive.


That macramé is booming is a fact, but did you know that you can also use this technique to create your own headboard? The result is charming, in addition to being able to be made at home, spending little.


To close the list with a flourish, a very practical and economical alternative that will make all the difference in the decoration of your room… A headboard with nothing more, nothing less than duct tape. Just choose the design that best suits your personality and the style of the environment; and get down to business without fear of making mistakes. After all, the material can be easily removed and redone as often as necessary.

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