Tiles Decor Peaks to Make the Environment More Modern

Specialist gathers tips for betting on decorative tiles in a practical, fast and without headaches. For many years, tiles have been among the main trends in home decoration. One of the reasons is the versatility of this type of material, found in the most diverse colors, prints and sizes. Another advantage is its long durability, especially when compared to paint. To top it off, the ceramic tile is easy to maintain and, when cleaned with a simple mixture of water and soap, it already looks brand new again.

To answer all your doubts about which model to choose and which are the best places in the house to bet on the use of tiles, the architect Lígia Franco, from Doutor Resolve, gathered practical tips that will help (a lot) whoever wants to transform the decor. Check out!

Tips for using Tiles in your home decor

Ideal place

In addition to aesthetics, it is necessary to consider the main function attributed to the tiles… Protection. In “wet” rooms, such as bathrooms and laundry, the material is capable of preventing the penetration of moisture into the walls. While, in spaces with greater contact with grease, such as kitchens and barbecues, it serves to facilitate cleaning.

Despite this, the specialist emphasizes that nothing prevents you from using your creativity to include tiles in other rooms in your home. Room walls or hallways are great examples.


It is also possible to combine two or more models of tiles, and some stores even offer sets with different prints. However, the professional warns: “There must be caution not to tire the eyes when working with more than one option at the same time”.

For those who want to do this, it is important to keep a model in neutral tones as a base and then play with a more colorful one or even with a different format.

Size choice

After defining the area, you must define the size of the pieces, which can be square or rectangular. By laying all the bathroom walls with the rectangular tile, with the longest side facing vertically, for example, an optical illusion is created that the right foot (measured from floor to ceiling) is larger than it actually is.

Another trick for small footage is to give preference to small parts. Otherwise, the environment could be visually cluttered and polluted.

Correct height

“Another issue that must be considered is the height of the cladding. For bathrooms, it is not mandatory to ’tile’ all walls to the ceiling. You can cover them up to a height of 1.50 m to meet the determinations of Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency). The upper part of the wall can only receive painting, which reduces the total cost”, advises Lígia.

However, for those thinking of using the material in the service area, the tip is to install the tile only on the wall behind the tank.

Tablets to complement

If you want to cover the walls up to half height (1.50 m), the finish can be done by a strip of tiles or ceramic strip. The result is a decor that is much more charming and focused on details.

No waste

After defining which area will receive the tile,calculate the amount that will be applied to each wall. This way, you avoid buying too much or too little material and reduce the risk of not finding the model you want anymore.


Material value will vary according to size, brand and quality chosen. To save money and avoid major renovations, one idea is painting over tiles, in which it is possible to completely hide the current coating or just change the tone of the wall.

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