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3D Wall Cladding Ideas to Give Your Home a Modern Touch

Want to add more personality to your home? The 3D wall covering is a trend when it comes to interior decoration and is a sure choice for those who want to bring more style to their home.

Get inspired by Decoradornet’s projects, which use 3D wall coverings, and get to know Portobello’s lines of embossed coverings to bring a modern touch to your home!

Walls don’t necessarily need to be smooth and just a division between rooms, they can be an important part of the decor!

There is no room in which you cannot apply this coating, as long as you are careful with your choice of material and make sure that the tiles fit in well with the decorating style of the room.

With simple application, 3D wall coverings convey the feeling of movement and depth to a space, being an alternative to traditional wallpapers.

A tip to compose your environment with this coating is to check its volume. For example: in a smaller space or with lots of furniture, our suggestion is to choose models with a smaller volumetric effect. The secret is to appreciate the balance of the environment!

But how to insert this modern coating in environments? See our suggestions to take this proposal to your room:

Living or Dining room

Use 3D coating on walls that do not have windows, furniture or corners. Prioritize materials with light tones, such as white, off-white, nude or gray, to enhance the ambience. In larger places, it is possible to unleash your creativity and resort to more vivid tones such as red, green or blue.


You can use 3D coating in the bedroom as a way to replace a painting or wallpaper. Avoid models with a lot of volume and try to invest in good lighting to enhance every detail of the material.


Bring personality to your kitchen with decorative plates! Choose models that are resistant and do not easily deteriorate with moisture.

Today, you can find 3D coating not only in standard rectangular shape, but also in triangular, hexagonal and many other less symmetrical shapes. Some have a more discreet relief, making the environment more delicate, and others seem to jump off the wall, attracting more attention.

To bring movement to the walls, invest in products from Portobello’s Urban Mood Line.

Do you want to highlight this coating even more?

You can also create various wall effects that you want to highlight using lighting. It’s a way of giving personality and a different look to the environment. This type of coating combined with good lighting, can act on the volume of the space, making the environment larger.

White 3D coatings are great for those who want to update spaces without giving up neutrality.

Transform your white wall with other materials and with countless composition possibilities using Portobello’s White Highway liner coating to redesign your conventional white wall.

3D Coating offers several options for all tastes and environments and, also, are synonymous with versatility and practicality!