Fourth Gamer Inspirations for Having a Gaming Corner at Home

The games theme gains more space in houses and apartments every day. At least that’s what this year’s Pinterest Predicts pointed out, with the fourth gamer search in the spotlight. And it is children and teenagers, in addition to professional gamers, who are driving this decor to make the rooms look like the canvas.

More than entertainment, games today are a means of living. And to ensure a work environment that offers performance, comfort and well-being, you need to get many things right. From professional environments to common rooms, this gamer space must also follow the same criteria.

Screens, lights, high definition, bright colors and lots of technology boost this post, with several tips for you to get inspired and make your fourth gamer with originality!

The fourth gamer should also keep a roomy look, with elements that are already part of the local décor. Kick start your gamer room decor with these tech decor tips and inspirations!

1- Set a theme for the fourth gamer

From fun Pac Man games and Super Mario Bros. to fictional characters like Star Wars, choose your universe

Within the gaming universe, there are a multitude of characters, classic game sequences and memorable scenarios. And that goes from the Atari console games to the platforms for the PC gamers of the moment.

So, one of the first ways to ensure an immersive climate in gamer culture is to define a theme within this world of bits and computer graphics. The theme can range from a specific game or character to a selection of figures stamped in that medium.

2- Invest in ergonomics

The height of the chair must adjust to the player’s height

The gamer culture values ​​a spectacular decoration, however, it must always be accompanied by great ergonomics. The reason is the long hours in front of the screens, with one hand on the keyboard or joystick.

An indispensable item for a fourth gamer, which makes it clear that the environment has this context, is the gamer chair. They must provide a backrest for the trunk and head, have armrests, as well as height and recline adjustments.

In addition, investing in a furniture arrangement that ensures practicality to accommodate both the bed and bath items and a part dedicated to games, is crucial.

3- Bet on decorative objects

Toy art objects and LED decoration help to compose the decoration.

The decoration of a gamer’s room should evoke this theme and use several items to translate the culture and personality of the respective player in the area.

In this way, anything goes to give a decoration that does justice to the games. Dolls, better known as toy arts and action figures , themed mugs, curtains, books about games, pillows and many other accessories are good bets.

It’s also worth thinking about using wallpapers or stickers to create a decor that reveres the gaming world.

4- Use LED or Neon lighting

Lighting is almost the soul of a fourth gamer — it’s just not the main thing, as the pieces in this regard come first: the PC gamer and the player.

On this front of the gamer decoration, you can bet on LED or Neon, that the effect will be quite positive. And if you can count on a lighting project done by an interior designer or designer, dig deep to enhance that aesthetic.

The lighting of a fourth gamer must be strategic, as the focus of light and attention are always the screens. Soon, LED or Neon lights enter spots, behind monitors, around the table and in other strategic corners.

LED strips, custom neon lights like signboards and gamer-designed lighting fixtures are among the options to ensure localized lighting.

5- Consider using custom furniture

Planned furniture ensures the organization of the devices

Playing requires different equipment. And in addition to the CPU or notebook, monitors, keyboard, mouse and headphones, it is necessary to have adequate space to handle many cables, CD games, peripherals such as joysticks, external HD, speakers, and others.

In this context, to allocate all the equipment in a way that there is not even too much space, a good alternative is to make planned furniture. Because they will be as long as you need to have all these wonders of technology.

In addition, cable management — cable management — will prevent accidents and short circuits, not to mention the guarantee of clean aesthetics.

6- Apply gamer-themed shades

Hanging photos and pictures, details in paintings and a table top in a contrasting color are attractive to the area.

Some colors have been part of the gaming world for decades, since the first Master System and Super Nintendo. Gray and black are two tones that are almost standard in the tech industry, but you can add those you like to the fourth gamer.

Green, red, blue, pink, orange, among others, when used well, guarantee an impactful personalization in the room. And these and other colors can be applied in different ways.

7- Reduce exposure to natural light

It’s good to take some steps to minimize the entry of sunlight, and increase the focus on the screen.

The incidence of sunlight should be minimal in the fourth gamer, as it interferes with viewing the screens, in addition to affecting the color of cabinets and equipment, in the long run.

Blinds and curtains do the job. In addition to being another place to get creative and decorate with something related to games and electronics, they can be opened when the games are finished to bring in the much-needed natural lighting in any environment.

8- Apply coatings that work with the environment

Adequate coating, such as porcelain, contributes to leaving the environment with an ideal climate so as not to overheat the equipment.

Good ambient acoustics is all a gamer needs to immerse himself in PC or console gaming. In addition, the environment must have minimal electrostatic energy, so as not to accumulate dust or interfere with the durability of the equipment.

In these aspects, coverings play a fundamental role in ensuring both the acoustics and the cleanliness of the gamer’s room. The porcelain tile , for example, is a material that allows different qualities to such care.

With these tips and some insights from gaming and the world of technology and gaming, making a fourth gamer will be simpler. Adding pieces that symbolize this culture is a hobby and therapy, bringing good hours of decoration in the best style.

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