Tips to Make Your Bed Like an Interior Pro

See how simple, practical ideas can give your bed a new face. There are some simple techniques used by professionals to make the bed stylish, with practical and impeccable storage. And you can make use of them easily! While it takes a little effort, we can all agree that a well-made bed is both satisfying and inviting. Even the extra few minutes spent in the morning cleaning up already help to give a different “scene” to the room.

However, we do not always know what or how to make everything more elegant, or if we are doing it right. But I will help you with this! In the next topics, follow some tips for making your bed like a pro.

Solid, neutral colors (and the hotel trick)

This, perhaps, is the most practical of all tips! Using thin, solid, neutral-colored bedspreads on the bed is the way to avoid mistakes. In addition to being beautiful and giving the feeling of a well-kept bed, you will feel in a hotel room . And, of course, they tend to be cheaper than color models.

According to Erin Hoover , vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton Hotels, the all-white bed creates an impression that everything has been renovated. According to the designer, the bed set in this tone brings the impression that this is the place to leave the worries and disorder of the outside world.

Use seat cushions and pillows without fear

Pillows and seat cushions can make all the difference when it comes to “dressing up” the bed, as they add texture and lightness to the whole. If you decide to use them just for aesthetic reasons, you can prioritize style over quality.

With this, you can give your bed linen a stylish and expensive designer look for little money — pillows with handmade covers can be very useful here!

Double sided (“two in one” is never a bad deal)

Mixed prints and reversible duvet covers and pillows never go out of style. These bedding choices allow you to have two options for the main design in a very practical way — you can change your look every day without having to change all the bedding.

Be careful not to use sheets and covers that look out of place in relation to the room. When in doubt, always bet on solid colors.

Throwed blankets (really thrown!)

Undoubtedly, blankets are excellent accessories for styling beds.

A very popular practice used by experts is not to fold them so neatly at the bottom of the bed. The idea is for them to be a bit tossed, more informal, as if they had been casually placed on the corner of the bed.

Layers, many layers 

If the goal is to make the bed more inviting and stylish, adding layers is always a great solution. The coolest thing is that this technique can be used at any time of year. The tip is to bet on cozy textures and neutral tones, or play with colors and patterns to create contrasts and a sense of depth.

During the coldest times of the year, it’s worth sleeping under the duvet and using the quilt as a highlight. In the hottest months of the year, you can put the duvet at the foot of the bed. If it’s winter, sleep under the duvet and use the quilt as a highlight.

A quick trick: Fold your comforter in half and lift just the top, folding it in two or three for volume, so you can show off all your pillows and layers.

Hotel trick to secure the sheet to the bed

Speaking of hotel, this one for those with cold feet is the best thing – a kiss, Mick Jagger. To secure the sheet without elastic under the bed, use the technique of enveloping .

It consists of making folds in the fabric, exactly where the bed ends, pulling it to the side and putting it into the bed. Then drop the sheet and put the rest inside the bed as well. Better than reading, it is to see the procedure:

Bet on finishing touches

Styling often depends on just one simple detail: a blanket folded at the bottom of the bed or casually placed on one side, some detail on the bedspreads, or a bedspread that matches the walls.

A little tinkering around the room is also very helpful in helping to enhance the bed’s arrangement. For example, a simple bedside lamp, a table at the headboard that matches the colors of the fabrics, or an antique chest placed at the foot of the furniture.

Experiment with patterns, colors and textures

This tip is for people who like things that give the feeling of movement, a little agitation. Betting on conflicting patterns, different textures or contrasting colors can bring unexpected but very interesting results. This is a simple way for those who want to give a more vigorous style to the bed composition.

Bet on themes

For those who like to exercise creativity or prefer to further customize their bed arrangements, focusing on a color palette or a specific theme might be an idea.

For example, if the bedroom walls have a blue that resembles the sea, there is nothing more fun than creating a maritime design. Another example is using a botanical design in bedding that can be complemented by greenish walls and plants in the bedroom.

– As we have seen, anyone can style the bed linen with simple practices. Nothing better than creating something that has your face!

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