20 Classy Peaks to Renew Your Bathroom Decor

Small or spacious, bathrooms are often overlooked in decorative terms… which is a shame considering the time we spent there! Get inspired by these ideas and renew your bathroom decor quickly and in style.

1- Bold Color

Change the frame of the existing bathroom mirror or paint it in a bold color and breathe new life into the toilet.

2- Replace the Rug

Replace the rug you’ve had for years with another one, in a different shade and/or pattern, and alternate between them whenever you want to change the bathroom decor.

3- Renew the Curtain

Renew the bathtub curtain by choosing a model with a different design. If you really want to innovate, forget about bathtub curtains and install a transparent or opaque bathtub panel. The bathroom will be visually larger.

4- Small Plants

If the bathroom has a window, put some small plants to decorate the window sill: they can be natural or artificial!

5- Fresh Flowers

Buy fresh flowers – not many are needed – and place them in a small vase on the sink counter. Decorating with flowers is simple, but it has a huge impact.

6- Wooden or Lacquered Ladder

Purchase a wooden or lacquered ladder/ladder (it can be new or second-hand) and lean it against one of the bathroom walls – in addition to being a fun decorative element, it can also be used to hang towels.

7- Highlight One Wall

Take the opportunity to highlight one of the walls that will not have contact with water and decorate it with wallpaper or a stencil or sticker.

8- Organise the Objects

Organize the dozens of objects and products that have accumulated on the washbasin bench in wicker baskets or boxes – organization is also decoration!

9- Paint a Corkboard

Paint a corkboard in a striking color with the rest of the bathroom decor and use it to hang jewelry, for example.

10- Invest in a New Set 

Invest in a new set of soap dish, dispenser, cup and toothbrush holder and transform your bathroom decor instantly!

11- Candles

Candles are a perfect decorative element for bathrooms: they add a touch of color, aroma (if they are scented) and create an intimate atmosphere whenever you want.

12- Replace the Taps or Holders

If you want and can go further in renovating the bathroom decor, something like replacing the taps or the holders for towels and toilet paper can have a very appealing end result.

13- Bathroom Shelf

Take advantage of a bathroom shelf to display a collection of shells, rocks or miniature boats. It can also be the starting point for creating a themed decor in the bathroom.

14- Small Lamp

If you have space and a secure electrical outlet, place a small lamp on the washbasin countertop – decorating with lighting in the bathroom makes it cozier.

15- Decorate with Frames and Photographs

Renew the bathroom decor by placing frames on your walls, with personal photographs or taken from magazines, for example. This is an unexpected place to expose images, but with an amazing end result.

16- Towels

Decorate with towels: displaying towels stacked (in colors that match the rest of the decor) in a basket, on a bench or other support is an easy way to renew your bathroom decor without spending a lot of money or time.

17- Paint or Wallpaper

Paint the bathroom ceiling in a single color, pulling the eye upwards and creating, at the same time, an original and unexpected decoration. Want another alternative? Apply wallpaper instead of paint.

18- Basket

Take advantage of a basket you may have, fill it with magazines or books and display it in the toilet – a contemporary touch that is also practical.

19- Tranform and Replace

Renovating the bathroom decor can also involve transforming the cabinets in this room: replace the handles, paint them a different color, line the doors with wallpaper or apply a sticker to them.

20- Add a Seat

If you have space, add a seat to the bathroom – a wooden stool, a square pouf or, why not, an elegant armchair!

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