25 Victorian Bathtub for a Top Bathroom Decor

Who has never fallen in love with a bathroom decorated with a beautiful Victorian bathtub? There is something for all tastes: vintage, contemporary, in one color, with painted feet, curvy, straight, in unexpected colors and materials. Get inspired and tell me which is your dream Victorian bathtub.

1. Victorian bath with a view

Victorian baths match blue, wooden floors and a beautiful view.

2. In the middle of the bathroom or in the corner?

In the middle of the bathroom or in the corner? Where do you most like to see a Victorian bathtub?

3. Painted feet

There are those who like to see the Victorian bathtub all in the same color, there are those who prefer painted or chromed feet! What is your opinion?

4. Double dose

One for her and one for him, so there aren’t any arguments about who’s going to relax in the Victorian bath tonight.

5. Minimalism combines with Victorian

A minimalist bathroom doesn’t really need anything else if it has a Victorian bathtub like this one.

6. Passion red

I don’t know what we like better: if it’s the red Victorian bathtub, if it’s the harmonic wallpaper.

7. Eccentric Victorian

Whoever has a Victorian bathtub in the decor, could perfectly have a decor a little more eccentric, don’t you think?

8. Shiny Bathtub

If you’ve ever seen a Victorian bathtub decorated with Swarovski crystals, put your finger in the air!

9. Cool & Contemporary

A modern version of a Victorian bathtub… did you notice the gold faucets?

10. To get noticed!

Painted in fluorescent green, this Victorian bathtub is a real statement piece!

11. Rustic Victorian Bathtub

Who says a Victorian bathtub has no place in a wooden house ?

12. Worn out but loved!

Slightly worn, wabi-sabi style, it’s impossible to remain indifferent to this Victorian bathtub!

13. Perfect bathroom

Sober and elegant, a Victorian bathtub perfect for a more masculine decor.

14. Victorian vs. Modern

We love the combination of an elegant Victorian bathtub and a contemporary shower.

15. Shall we go to the bath?

The sophistication of a space decorated with an equally sophisticated Victorian bathtub.

16. Zen bath

This curved Victorian bathtub looks like a wonderful chaise longue, inviting for a long and relaxing bubble bath.

17. A rustic-chic bath

A beautiful white Victorian bathtub always looks good in a rustic decor.

18. 100% girly

Words for what?

19. With or without curtain?

Victorian bathtub with or without curtain? That is the question!

20. Perfect silver

My bath, my bath… who will be more beautiful than me?

21. Victorian Ornate Bathtub

An unexpected decoration for any bathroom!

22. Relaxing corner

Even in the narrowest bathrooms, Victorian bathtubs fit perfectly, creating a loving and inviting niche.

23. Victorian & Vintage

True to its style, a vintage Victorian bathtub, in an equally vintage decor.

24. Lovely yellow

In this bathroom, the yellow Victorian bathtub lends warmth, life and energy to the decor.

25. For kings and queens

A bathroom decorated for royalty, a Victorian bathtub designed for a queen and her king.

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