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15 Ways to Eradicate Negative Energy From Your Home

Organization, cleaning and coarse salt are some steps to fill your house with positive energy. It’s normal that from time to time you don’t feel completely at home. But if this feeling is being constant, causing headaches, malaise, insomnia and tiredness, it may be time to eliminate the negative energies from the environment. This can help improve your mood and inspire positive feelings for all residents. Check out:

1. Renew the air

The first step in removing negative energy from your home is to open all the windows and let the air renew itself (even if it’s cold outside). “Movement and flow clean energy. You can even view the space being cleaned and re-energized for a few seconds if you want, “energy therapist Amy B. Scher, author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can (How To Heal When no one else can, in English) , he explained to PopSugar. In the meantime, shake out your pillows and bedding. Fresh air is everything!

2. Light an incense

The fragrant smoke of incense is a spiritual and meditation practice – so why not try it at home? This can help to improve energy and create a calm, serene atmosphere.

3. Fix or dispose of broken furniture and objects

Even if this object has a special meaning for you, it may not be worth keeping on. Broken things can bring this stuck, negative energy into your home.

4. Spray orange essential oil (or other essential oils)

The orange aroma is reminiscent of a summer day, with lots of sun and joy. Cleans up the environment and lifts your mood. Dilute the oil drops in a little water and sprinkle around the rooms. “Buying or making an air purifier with pure essential oils helps take out negative energy,” Amy says. The therapist prefers rose, lavender, incense and patchouli oils.

5. Clear clutter as quickly as possible

Objects retain a lot of energy, both mental, psychological and even spiritual. And they can interfere with your well being. So when you organize your things, you feel better. Ah, clutter can also make you tired and stressed.

6. Ring a bell in your room

Sounds too simple, right? Just ring a bell in each corner of the room and on the door. Mentally set the intention for the sound waves to carry the negative energy away and bring the positive energy inward.

7. Paint a wall yellow

Color plays a key role in the home and can help counteract bad energy. In decorative terms, it can help the room look bigger, warmer and cozier.

8. Put coarse salt in the rooms

“Salt crystals have a natural ability to absorb negative energy,” said Amy. To absorb negative energy from previous owners, put rock salt in the four corners of each room. After 48 hours, vacuum up the salt or sweep up and discard.

9. Avoid sharp angles

One of the most important rules in feng shui is to remove as much furniture and sharp-angle objects as possible. We know it’s not easy, but investing in vases, lamps, tables and other circular objects will bring positive energy to your home.

10. Add more mirrors

To attract positive energy, spread several mirrors around the house – but avoid those with sharp edges. They also help to clear the mind.

11. Secure the entries

Outward-facing doors and windows are energy intakes. To keep these areas clean, fill a bucket of water with lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar and rub the mixture over door handles and windows. After that, pour coarse salt into all the entrances and cover with the doormat to prevent the entry of bad energy.

12. Burn Salvia

Burning white sage rolls around the house by moving them counterclockwise is another good idea for clearing the energies. “I usually say something while doing it, like ‘I’m clearing all the stagnant energy out of this space and just letting the biggest vibration stay,’” Amy said.

13. Bet on the plants

In addition to the many benefits that plants bring to us and to the house, they are also a natural filter for bad energies. How about leaving a vase in each space?

14. Use black tourmaline crystal

The black tourmaline crystal is one of Amy’s favorites – the therapist recommends smearing them around the house for greater impact.

15. Rearrange the furniture

“Rearranging the furniture can do wonders for your home’s energy. While there are specific Feng Shui rules, I like to rearrange them based on how I feel in the environment,” says Amy. The change doesn’t have to be extreme: it can be changing the angle of a chair or even moving the vase in another direction.