Living Room Design

14 Tricks to Combine Yellow Sofas With the Decoration

The living room is the space where we socialize the most with our friends and guests, so it is usually one of the areas of the house that we take care of the most. We like it to be cozy, cheerful, that gives off warmth, and the best way to achieve this is by incorporating a differentiating element that stands out. This is where yellow sofas come in, one of the prettiest options out there today.

No matter if the living room is modern, minimalist, vintage or shabby chic, a yellow sofa will bring so much vibrant character that it will become the most cheerful space in the whole house.

How to combine a yellow sofa

There are tricks to combine yellow sofas with the rest of the elements in the living room. Yellow is a very special color, striking and with a lot of personality, so not everything goes, you have to combine it with criteria.

1- Gold and metallic elements

Combine a yellow sofa with metallic and gold colors

Do not hesitate to add shiny metallic pieces, if they are in gold, better. They create an incredible sophisticated environment.

2- Wood-colored furniture

Wood furniture, rustic better than better, makes the space feel very cozy. In this case they combine better with mustard yellow sofas in soft tones.

3- White rooms 

Rooms where white is the predominant color need elements that bring balance to the space, otherwise they are very cold and not very personal. A yellow sofa complements itself beautifully, evokes a cheerful personality and elevates the mood.

4- Little green touches

Decorate yellow sofas with plants and greens

If you want to multiply the feeling of joy and freshness, add elements in green, such as plants or other objects. The “ lemon lime ” flavors associated with summer, vacations and life without stress will automatically come to mind.

5- Aristocratic blues 

Blue is a color used by the noble classes in ancient times, as it was a very expensive pigment only available to the aristocracy. If you want to give your living room a classic high class touch, combine it with blues. Of course, the furniture and decoration will have to accompany.

Colored walls with a yellow sofa

It depends a lot on the result you want to achieve. The wall will not be painted the same if you want a classic space, a modern, vintage, rustic, etc. We are going to see some specific ideas to inspire you and choose your style.

6- Blue colored walls

Painting the walls blue with yellow sofa

The blue color contrasts so much with the yellow that they blend beautifully. Yellow has a strong energetic component, and blue has calm and relaxation. If we put them together we get the perfect balance.

7- Industrial walls

Combine yellow sofa with industrial-style walls

Yellow sofas are very modern, so combining them with walls painted in an industrial style will create a very American bohemian atmosphere.

8- Red walls

If you are a daring person with a lot of personality, you may have the courage to paint the wall in red to combine it with the yellow of the sofa. Both are warm colors, so they match very well, but they give off so much energy that they can become saturated.

9- Gray walls

Painting gray wall with yellow sofa

This combination always works and is usually chosen by the majority. Light gray is a color that does not tire and that, in contrast to the yellow sofa, achieves a modern, dynamic and pleasant atmosphere.

10- Cream walls

If you love yellow sofas but don’t like contrasts too much, the best option is to paint the walls in shades of cream or soft yellows. Always lighter than the color of the sofa. This will dim the spotlight on the sofa and create a more neutral environment.

How to decorate a yellow sofa with cushions

What we have seen so far in terms of colors answers this question very well, you have to decorate with the cushions according to the style you want for the living room.

11- Yellow cushions

If you are passionate about the color yellow, but not contrasts, and you want to give it continuity, the best option is to buy yellow cushions, either plain or with white and / or gray patterns.

12- Green cushions

The lemon lime touch can also be achieved by decorating with green cushions , it is not necessary to have plants, especially if you forget to water them…

13- Patterned cushions

Yellow sofa with colorful uneven cushions

If you are into uneven vibes with pattern designs and bright colors, you can buy uneven cushions to decorate the sofa.

14- Black and gray cushions 

Choosing cushions in black or gray is playing it safe, they always work because they combine with everything.