Living Room Design

Endearing Living Rooms Ideas You Should Know

I bring you a few ideas of charming living rooms to inspire you and decorate your living room as beautiful as these. As you will see in the photos, they are everyday living rooms, without luxuries or expensive furniture, they are available to everyone. I have also grouped them into decorative styles, such as rustic, vintage, modern, minimalist, classic, small.

To decorate with charm you should only use your imagination and creativity, so you have no excuses, get to it and leave your guests with their mouths open.

How to decorate beautiful charming living rooms

It depends on your preferred style, size and shape of the room. But all pretty and cute living rooms have these 2 characteristics in common:

  1. Small: Most of the rooms are smaller than we would like, so this point almost all of us comply with it. If you are lucky enough to have a large living room you can make divisions with the sofa, with tall plants, with furniture, to create charming corners.
  2. Cozy: To design cozy rooms with charm, you cannot miss wood (on the floor or furniture), the color white (on walls or furniture), personal photos, soft textiles (rugs, blankets, cushions) and plants that give something of color.

As well as a quick summary, the charm is achieved with small spaces decorated in wood tones and white tones, personalized with a photo of us, accompanied by a shaggy carpet or a blanket that you want to hug, and a plant to give life.

Thus explained in words, it is difficult to visualize the ideas, so here you have a lot of photos of charming rooms for you to be inspired and decorate yours like the interior designers.

Rustic charming rooms

They are perfect for cottages in the country, holiday homes in the village, rural houses. Here the ideal would be to have a wood-burning fireplace, what has more charm than reading by the fireplace?

But it’s not always possible, so we supplemented it with rustic, old-looking furniture, like from old farms. From rustic coffee tables , keep the wooden ceilings or the stone walls, candles.

The good thing about these living rooms in old houses is that it is not necessary to do many renovations, because the charm is in the old elements, such as the walls, floors and wood.

Lounges with vintage charm

They are similar to the previous ones but without the farmhouse air and with a more modern style . The vintage touch is achieved with antique furniture, whether made of wood or metal. They have to be worn by the passage of time if you like them with a lot of vintage personality, or you can choose them with new finishes without wear if you are more into retro.

The grace here is that the living room seems new, neat and modern, but introducing vintage elements to give personality and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Living rooms with Nordic charm

It is a variant of the vintage style focused on the Scandinavian style of decoration, where white and wooden furniture predominate. Nowadays the Nordic thing takes a lot, especially since Ikea expanded all over the world making this type of furniture available to everyone.

Modern charming rooms

Not everything has to be vintage to be cozy, there are also modern rooms as beautiful as these. One trick is that they are in black and white, so it is easier to give them the touch of charm that we are looking for. You can see more photos and the guide to decorate living rooms in black and white with the ideas and keys that are working best this year.

Lounges with minimalist charm

Minimalism is based on the less the better, placing the bare minimum. With this, you gain visual space , you save good money on furniture and cleaning time. Even so, you can get rooms with a lot of charm if you follow the two keys at the beginning of the article.

Eclectic charming rooms

The eclectic style is becoming more and more popular because it allows you to mix styles in the same room. It does not have to be or rustic, or modern or minimalist, there can be a bit of everything if you follow a coherence. You can see more photos and the guide to decorate eclectic living rooms with the three keys that interior designers use.

If the eclectic style catches your eye because you like furniture with bright and striking colors, do not miss these ideas of retro Pop Art living rooms with many photos to decorate your living room with this intense style and with so much personality.

Classic charming rooms

The classic never goes out of style, it is to play it safe. And within the classic there are several styles, such as the stately if you like the purest classic, or ordinary charming rooms without following trends.