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12 Low-cost Decor Ideas for You

Today I bring you 12 low cost decoration ideas to inspire you and decorate your house like a magazine spending as little as possible. Economic and simple ideas that sometimes we have in front of us and we do not see them. With these 12 tricks you are going to give your house a facelift, easy, fast and cheap.

Sometimes we have the belief that you have to spend a lot to decorate beautifully, and this is not always the case. It is true that spending will achieve spectacular results, but with little money and a lot of ingenuity you can also achieve very cool things, especially with stores like Ikea that have low cost furniture at super adjusted prices.

Cheap decoration ideas and low cost tricks

More than cheap decoration ideas and low cost decoration tricks, they are tips and creative ways to decorate with little money . In the Anglo-Saxon countries they call this type of tricks ” Life Hacking “, ways to save so daily that you may not have stopped to think about it.

1. Recycle wood from pallets and fruit boxes

Low cost kitchen decoration with pallet furniture

The decoration with wooden pallets is trendy and super cheap if you have a little patience and design the pallet furniture yourself, which looks great in the garden or on the terrace, as coffee tables and even as a bed. The wooden boxes can be recycled as shelves or drawers.

2. Take advantage of the beauty of plants

Decorate spending little money with plants

Having plants gives life, color and freshness to any room, they raise the mood if you live in a city surrounded by buildings and concrete, because they bring us closer to nature.

Try a palm leaf, a bamboo pole, or a few twigs in a giant vase. It will have a simple, but modern appeal. In the kitchen, place a small garden of aromatic herbs that you can also use to cook.

They do not need to be many, not even natural, nowadays there are artificial plants that look real and they also serve to decorate. It is not the same, but they are a very good alternative.

3. Decorate the walls with DIY ideas

Low Cost decoration on custom walls

A good idea to make up for the lack of tall furniture, which is usually expensive, is to use all your creativity to decorate the walls in a personalized way.

Some of these ideas might include painting the walls in vertical lines to make the room appear larger, making rectangle and square shapes, and even painting a wall with chalkboard paint. You can also hang pictures with photos, with movie posters, etc.

4. Cover damaged floors with carpets

Cheap decorating ideas with rugs

Floors are often damaged, especially if they are made of wood. Changing them costs a lot of money because it cannot be done in patches, you have to raise the floor of the whole house. So a quick and cheap solution is something as simple as placing nice rugs in the worst looking parts.

5. Decorate with visible storage

Decorate with open shelving in the kitchen

If you live in a small apartment you have two options, store above or below. Consider the use of high shelves for objects that you want to be seen (figures, books, …) and take advantage of the space under the bed to store things that you do not want to have in sight (shoes, boxes, …).

6. Make your own low cost decoration objects

Decorate with little money by making your own furniture

Combine styles, fabric textures, accessories, and furniture. In the DIY category you have a lot of ideas to recycle and create your own decoration objects, easy and fun.

Think about it before throwing something out, because there are many low cost solutions.

You can put a little oil on leather sofas, the kitchen can look new again with a little spray paint, or you can remove scratches on wooden floors and furniture by rubbing them with an almond.

These are just a few tips to save you money, but you can find thousands.

7. Cover old furniture with vinyl

Decorative vinyls for cheap home decoration

The decorative vinyls are like rolls of adhesive material that are attached to the surface of the furniture. They are easy to put on and are perfect, the first time you put them on you are surprised at the change.

It is perfect to give a new look to the doors of kitchen cabinets, bedside tables, a chest of drawers . It is a cheap material with hundreds of designs to choose from, from plain, through vintage wood effect, to polka dots, etc.

8. Create your own DIY towel rail

Stairs towel racks for the bathroom

Low cost decoration is not only about spending little, but about designing our house in a different, personalized and beautiful way. A good way to differentiate yourself is with handmade rope towel racks or wooden ladders.

9. Turn old objects into your nightstand

Cube bedside table

You will not believe everything that can serve as a bedside table, and it is nothing else where to put a lamp, a book, a mobile phone and some cream. They serve from retro metal garbage cans, through old suitcases or a trunk.

10. Turn old objects into your coffee table

The same as the previous point, only this time they are a little bigger. The ideas that you have seen before with wooden pallets can be complemented with the following:

11. Recycled planters and pots to decorate cheaply

Old typewriter as a vintage planter

Recycled pots and planters are one of the funniest, cheapest and easiest options to decorate spending little because old objects that you have at home are used and given a second life.

Anything you can think of can be worth anything, like an old typewriter, an old radio, worn out boots, metal buckets, even a bike or piano.

12. Decorate the walls with photos and pictures

Decorating the walls with photos and pictures is another of the cheapest ways to decorate your home . In addition to the most personal ones because they can be photos of the family, of vacations, of unforgettable moments. It is also one of the most flexible because you can change them seasonally, or as you generate new memories.

Cheap home decor pulls a lot of ingenuity and creativity. Anything that you have old can be used for another use, you can give a new life to old furniture, solid wood doors converted into tables or headboards, cubes in lamps or on side tables, boxes on shelves