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13 Royal Furniture to Take Benefit of Space in Small Apartments

The most complicated thing about moving in small flats is taking advantage of the space in each corner in a useful way. So we’ve collected 13 great pieces of furniture to take advantage of small floor space. They are sure to save you from the rush when it comes to choosing which one suits your home best!

1. Nest of tables to take advantage of the Ikea space!


The nesting tables are a success for small living rooms. They are very versatile, since you can use them as a coffee or auxiliary table for the bed. In fact, we have found a set of 3 Granboda nesting tables in Ikea that you can use together or distribute them in different areas of the house. It is a very wise bet for small flats!

2. A 2-in-1 floor lamp


A very important aspect of the house is to enable the spaces with pleasant lighting, even at night. And the floor lamps are a must. On the contrary, placing it in a room that is small can mean taking up space from other furniture. The Loen floor lamp by Maisons du Monde integrates lighting and a side table. Its price is € 159. Have you seen how saving space is easier than you think?

3. An Ikea bookcase that takes advantage of the corners of the living room

Bookstore-hardware-small-living room

The type of furniture that is the most lazy to look for are bookcases or display cabinets, because they usually take up a lot of space. We have discovered in Ikea the Billy bookcase combination that comes with some hardware to join them and adapt them to the corners. In this way, any corner is used to the maximum.

4. Amazon shoe organizers


Shoes tend to become a real nuisance when there is no place to store them and they take up little space. For this reason, shoe organizers are a great alternative for adapting drawers as a shoe rack. There are many formats! We found these on Amazon to be super helpful.

5. A spacious, stain-resistant sofa


In small rooms it is very difficult to store all the things you would like, without the need to put furniture with drawers or cabinets. At Kave Home we have found a trundle for the bed with which you will save space. In addition, it is elongated and not very large, so it will adapt to the measurements of your mattress!

6. The TV cabinet that you can use for storage


Another type of furniture that can be used for the living room is the one that is usually used to support the TV, even if you don’t have one! The most important thing is that it has drawers or compartments to store what you like to have on hand. At Kave Home we have found the Alen model.

7. The mirror, a trick to give space to small apartments!

Mirrors are an excellent choice to bring a broader perspective to your apartment. You can support it on the wall of the hall or hang it above a piece of furniture. We have seen this Key West mirror from Maisons du Monde that meets all these requirements.

8. A sink that gives space to the bathroom

Furniture for the bathroom, the smaller the better. The key is to choose them with enough space inside to store your gear. We found the rectangular Kuveni bathroom furniture by Kave home to be a very good option. It takes up minimal space and is oriental in design!

9. The tall kitchen cabinet to take advantage of the wall


In the kitchen, the wall is a space that can be used to the maximum. Hanging furniture with shelves that are not excessively large can be a very useful choice to use as a pantry or to store dishes. At Maisons du Monde we have found this tall white kitchen cabinet that goes with everything!

10. Metal shelves

Shelves are another good option to store everything from vegetables to books. We have found the Ikea Omar model that has enough sizes for you to choose the one that best suits you!

11. A cabinet to store the jars of gel

The jars of gel, creams or other hygiene products that you want to store in the bathroom need compartments with enough space. At the same time, they must be narrow enough so that they are not too much of an obstacle. We have seen on Amazon this one that meets all these characteristics.

12. A cart that you can place wherever you want

Trolleys are another great ally of small flats. They can be moved from one place to another in the house very comfortably, thanks to the wheels. Above, you can store all kinds of objects, from mobile chargers, kitchen utensils to magazines. At Ikea we have found the Raskog model that is available in three colors: green, black and white.

13. A portable wooden towel rail

A must in the bathroom are the towel racks. We have found in Kave home this towel rack that matches the cabinet for the washbasin. It’s portable, which means you can easily move it around without taking up space!