10 Enigmas of Chic and super-functional Kitchen Decor

Stylish and super functional kitchen decor requires a few secrets. From the size of the sink to the hallway, everything needs to have purpose and harmony. Designer Vasi Ypsilantis shares her secrets for decorating a chic and useful kitchen. For her, who created the kitchen at Kips Bay Palm Beach especially for a baker, the best kitchen starts with the person using this space.

See the tips for a chic and functional kitchen:

1- Modern steel chandelier

The sculptural lighting emphasizes the ceiling details but does not hide the view of the sea from the place.

2- Semicircular island

The rounded shape of the island mimics the pattern of human traffic from entering the environment.

3- Framed Marble Panels

Need to explain the elegance of this original idea for kitchen decor?

4- Organized drawers

The designer created dividers so that the baking utensils were always at hand.

5- Neutral colors

The designer opted for a calm color palette, with a sense of permanence, in the kitchen decor.

6- Two hidden ice cream parlors

A couple of refrigerators are hidden behind the closet.

7- Limestone floor

India’s ancient limestone adds history to the place.

8- Shelves

Shelves make room for books and a baked item.

9- Design hood

And what an exhaust!

10- Custom sink

Customized to fit pots and specialty dishes, the sink is deeper in its center.

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