20+ Functional and Friendly Central Island Cuisine Center Ideas

Along with functionality and comfort, the central kitchen island is an element that opens up a space and makes it warmer. It allows the whole family to participate in the preparation of food.

The main island performs more than one function. It becomes the strategic heart of the kitchen or open space during the stay. To plan your kitchen island properly, accurate calculations of your kitchen configuration and area are necessary. Check out our gallery of more central and semi -central ideas of modern cuisine.

1- Central kitchen island: the heart of your living space

The perfect space to prepare a good meal or drink with your friends, the central island will be the main focus in your living space. No more insulation in the kitchen! When you prepare dinner, your friends can sit around and keep you company.

2- Central wood kitchen island, design by Laurel Feldman

With its strategic location, the central island facilitates traffic. There are many possible arrangements we recommend. You can equip it with drawers and shelves, or install a sink to create a convenient washing station. It is best to combine a sink and dishwasher for easy washing. You can also combine hobs and ovens by brushing them with an extractor hood.

3- Small island oval kitchen center and design

Around this central island, we prepare and share food or drinks in good company. First of all you need to choose the right layout design. Do you choose an open kitchen or a closed kitchen? If you want to make an indoor kitchen, the minimum recommended area is 15 m² to install the island and facilitate traffic. An open kitchen is an option that will make your kitchen island the focus of your living room. It will deliberately mark the separation between the communicating rooms: everything will be friendly and will finish your insulation when you cook!

4- Kitchen island and semi-central design

The size of the island depends on the size of your kitchen and the desired functionality. The island can be square, oval, rectangular or even any other original shape. It is possible to create different levels by placing the angle of the bar higher or lower. The usual height when installing the island usually varies between 85 and 90 cm. For a harmonious layout, it is important that the main island is proportional to the size of your kitchen. The idea of ​​a central island is space saving. Its main function is to make the room functional and facilitate circulation. Proper calculation of dimensions and proportions is important for you to feel comfortable in the kitchen.

5- Ultra modern kitchen, small island

6- Large wooden kitchen

Don’t forget the activity triangle diagram. The island is built around three main areas: preparation and cooking, washing and the so -called cold zone. Optimizing the space is a carefully thought about what is a priority when installing the island. The most famous configuration is the classic central island. There are also small islands or islands called in barrels. If you have a small kitchen and you don’t have the opportunity to get the clearance needed for a main island, you can put it along the wall. This will allow you to optimize space, ease passage and make your small kitchen friendly without isolating it.

7- Images of family kitchens

Let’s go here some kitchen decor with island and modern design.

8- Functional kitchen, small island in white

9- Ultra modern central island image in black and red

The choice of colors for the living room is often difficult. We all have our favorite colors. Some like warm or cool colors, others just wear black. Most importantly, to understand what color people like, we look at the style of his clothes. This leads us to the conclusion that choosing a color to dress your interior is easy. However, this task is not clear. Our living space is another small set. It’s like a LEGO game to build. Fortunately, the kitchen is one of those home spaces where you can afford it all. This dynamic space welcomes white as well as red, black and yellow. It is one of the least demanding rooms in terms of color, and at the same time, one of the most important for our well -being.

10- Central kitchen island in industrial style

The central kitchen island is just one part of the whole. However, it should not be forgotten that it is called “center”. Hence the role of aesthetics at the heart of events. We had a choice between an island united with the surrounding decor or, an island with different colors for accents.

11- Small island round original design kitchen

Kitchen oval modern pendant stainless steel light.

12- Red and gray kitchen with islands

The color red is often found in the kitchen, accompanied by gray, black or white. In the case of the open kitchen above, the red walls contrast with the semi -central island with gray. The interior is enchanting with its unusual shape and decoration.

13- Great island modern cuisine

A white kitchen with an island is also white? Why not! White is a real “sedative”. It is perfect as a dominant place for dedicated rooms to relax: bedrooms, bathrooms, meditation rooms. If your favorite hobby is testing new exciting recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, this is your meditation room! Indeed, cooking is an activity that relaxes and makes us happy – during preparation and especially during tasting! Check out this glowing white and gray kitchen and invite us to prepare a delicious meal with all possible comforts:

14- Kitchen island with hob and hood extractor

15- Interior and design of the white kitchen

Dressing up all white cuisine is an interesting idea. The white kitchen will bathe your interior. In addition you will feel transported to the world of elves in the movie Lord of the Rings where everything is white and bright.

16- White kitchen with gray walls 

To avoid being too “elf”, it is always possible to paint one of the walls of the kitchen in a different shade. The kitchen below is a beautiful illustration of how to introduce color in a white space. The gray walls and beautiful paintings are all decorative. In this way, he is separated, visually, concentrated in one place in the room. The location is convenient and does not disturb the traffic around the block.

17- Wooden island open sink kitchen storage

The main island contains the most important elements of the kitchen-worktop, dishes, sink, storage and others. He himself was a small kitchen reduced to one large piece of furniture. Nowadays, very few objects are used in the kitchen: cooking plates, ovens, sinks, work tops, utensils. All equipment becomes more functional and easier to store. We created the Thermomix food processor, which not only takes up little space but has 12 functions. Basically, you don’t need 12 kitchen appliances, but only one. This is why and how the central island helps us every day – we can do it all. It is a place of preparation and cooking of food, and if it is endowed with a bar – a place for our breakfast, to taste, aperitifs.

18- White and wood interiors

To create an optimal living space, we look for said condensate management solutions. Instead of making a kitchen plus a main island, you just install the island. Lastly, you don’t need two work plans, do you? Such a space is also easier to maintain.

19- Green green, gray and white kitchen

It is often said: the presence of plants in the kitchen has become a must. If you want to have a Nordic-inspired interior, plants should be your interior. Potted plants, aromatic herbs, vertical gardens, vegetable gardens – one of these elements is enough to invite nature. And its presence is enough to decorate and make your kitchen important.

20- Kitchen with island and cabinets 

21- White kitchen with large island

White kitchen interior hanging lamp white island kitchen design.

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