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Small Bathroom Designs and Decorating Ideas

Inspiring small bathroom designs and decorating ideas with creative thinking. 

Decorating a bathroom needs an enormous effort to bring dazzling and more aesthetic into the interior required by special attention and great ideas. 

Bring-in sophistication, little bit glitter what we always desire to have. So that designing homes or managing project planning can cause some obstacles that may arise. The small size of our bathroom is the most important obstacle that will force us in order to decorate a glamorous space. 

Are you ready to turn a tiny bathroom into a practical and stylish space? With a few simple changes, you can have a much more useful and spacious bathroom than ever before.

Algedra Interior Design is the leading company over the world and here we will share their valuable expertise on designing a small bathroom. 

Here are some tricks from Algedra Designers, you should pay attention to when decorating;

Small Bathroom Ideas

1. Choose Round Lines

When choosing furniture and sanitary ware for small bathroom design, select round-line models instead of angular and geometric-lines. Thus, your movement becomes easier in the narrow area and your bathroom looks wider than it is.

2. Take advantage of the refreshing effect of white

The most popular method that makes a place look more spacious is to use light colors. This method is also valid for small bathrooms. 

Creating a white bathroom is always a good idea!

Moreover, your job is very easy with bathroom ceramic and sanitary ware products where you can find all kinds of white!

3. Remove Borders with a Frameless Shower Cabin

Frameless shower glasses eliminate the visual boundary in a small bathroom. Since patterned or frosted shower glasses will create a wall effect, transparent glass should be preferred if possible. Thus, you will not feel stuck in a narrow space while taking a shower and your bathroom will not be visually divided. Using the same ceramic models on the floor and wall in the shower cabin as the rest of the bathroom will increase this effect even more.

If you want, you can add character to your bathroom decor by using a colored but translucent glass. This simple method will work, especially if you find a bathroom where everything is white boring and has a clinical look.

4. Preference for a Minimalist and Simple Design

Regardless of your style, the most important thing you should pay attention to when decorating a small bathroom should be to make a modern and minimalist design as much as possible. For this, avoid unnecessary details and exaggerated patterns. And keep your bathroom utensils organized. For example, you can store your makeup and personal care items or spare towels outside of the bathroom. Thus, instead of a large bathroom cabinet, you can use a simple wash basin counter or a suspended monoblock sink.

Reflective surfaces such as a frameless flat mirror model, clear shower glass, and large-scale glossy ceramic tiles are among other small bathroom decorating ideas. In addition, soft and natural color tones and modern bathroom furniture with clean lines will make your bathroom look much larger than it is.

5. Choose Wall Mounted Cabinets

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets make the bathroom look wider than it really is because it does not take up any space on the floor. It also has a more modern and light look. You can easily find the most suitable sizes and models for your bathroom among the hanging bathroom cabinets, which are very useful for small bathroom designs.

6. Use a Monochromatic Color Palette

For small bathroom decoration, choose a monochromatic color palette consisting of different shades of a single color. Choose a pastel color and stick to that core palette on key details such as furniture and ceramics. 

You can add other hues, patterns and textures on the main color with the bathroom accessories you will use. Or, as above, you can design a stylish black and white bathroom with black grout between white tiles.

7. Use the Magic Effect of Ceramics

The ceramics and tiles used on the surfaces in the bathroom are the factors that affect the perception of size the most. For this reason, the most important thing for small bathroom designs is the selection of ceramic and tiles. When deciding on a tile and ceramic pattern for a small bathroom, patterns with unclear junction lines, such as marble, that will complement each other when they are side by side should be preferred.

Another important point is the use of the same patterned ceramic on the bathroom floor and walls. Thus, the beginning and end lines of the ceramics blend together and appear like a single surface. This allows us to perceive a small bathroom much wider than it actually is.

8. Use the Illusion of Mirrors

It’s time for another of the most popular small bathroom ideas ! Mirrors reflect light in bathrooms, as in all other small rooms, showing the space much wider than it actually is. For this, you can hang a giant mirror on the wall or make your bathroom look twice as big with mirror wall tiles.

Achieving ultimate bathroom design depends on several factors but idea and originality will give you the best solution!