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5 Best Decoration Ideas and Themes for an Outdoor Party

More than ever, in spring and summer, we want to go outdoors, have fun, and celebrate life. Events and parties move from restaurants and indoor spaces to the outdoors under the open sky.

If you have something to celebrate: a birthday, bachelorette party, corporate party, or a wedding — we suggest doing it outdoors. Read on to learn how to make a party in nature that will not turn into a dull gathering with barbecue but will remain an unforgettable, bright, and properly organized experience for adults and children. 

1. Hawaiian Party

The most popular and rousing party is Hawaiian style. The main attributes are fresh flowers, inflatable palms made of ​twisting balloons you may buy on https://balloons.online/latex-balloons/twisting-latex-balloons/ at reasonable prices, flamingos, colorful paper garlands, tropical fruits, and candles.

Hawaii is associated with a pleasant, carefree, and hot summer. Try to recreate such an atmosphere at the party. You should have a minimum of clothing and maximum comfort. Swimsuits, beachwear, long beads of flowers, and special skirts “hula” from leaves, ropes, or colored ribbons, as well as nautical accessories, will do.  You don’t need bright makeup, evening dresses, ties, and heels.

2. Mexican Party

What comes to your mind when you think about Mexican entertainment? Of course, arousing, stylish, and colorful Mexican-style party. Its advantages are delicious rich food, colorful outfits, and an incredible drive. Here you don’t have to be in control and character you lose control and dance until you drop.

Mexico is a country of the sun, hot peppers, and a passionate temperament. The space decoration should be in bright variegated colors: yellow, green, orange, and blue. Place small cacti as well as balloon cacti. To decorate the party location, use colored paper pom-poms, hanging lanterns, inflatable balloons, banners with images of rousing dancers, and Mexican panoramas.

3. Pirate Party

Both kids and adults will get excited to become a part of this party. In addition to themed costumes, contests, and delicious food, any party’s essential component is the decor. The external attributes add the atmosphere to the event, placing guests into the world you want to show!

One of the most striking and disposing-to-party accessories is balloons! They fill the space, immerse guests in the holiday atmosphere, become a part of the party’s photo area, and emphasize the theme with pictures, colors, and shapes.

You can use face painting for young pirates and draw some scars, circles under the eyes, or bright designs on the cheeks.

4. Get Romantic Atmosphere With Chinese Lanterns

Chinese rice paper lanterns with or without built-in LED lights are a win-win solution for garden decoration. They look nice if you hang them in picturesque groups and decorate them with colorful ribbons: the balls will flutter beautifully in the wind, creating a festive mood. These balloons run on battery power, recharged by sunlight, and do not require a socket connection. Owing to the lack of wires, you can use them anywhere in the garden.

5. Floral Decoration

Don’t forget about flowers, of which there are many in the garden in summer. Live flowers will look great on the holiday table. And besides, you can hang homemade vases from bottles on tree branches or construct floral curtains using cut flowers and a fishing line or a thin colorful ribbon a lot of options, and it’s all up to your imagination!