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Learn How to Make Hot Chocolate Christmas Balls for Gourmet Gift

Are your ideas exhausted? Are you looking for a unique gift for the holiday? Why not provide gourmet food? For example, who doesn’t like hot chocolate? Well, today, our editorial team brings you a way to make hot chocolate Christmas balls in a super cute way. Doing it yourself is a simple idea, and best of all, it is universal! You can give it to your mother, sister, teacher, friend or colleague. There is one more benefit: in the end, you will find printable labels that can be downloaded for free! let’s go!

Hot Chocolate Christmas Ball-our favorite gourmet gift!

Hot Chocolate Christmas Ball-our favorite gourmet gift!

It is easy to customize transparent Christmas balls! You already know. All you need is a little inspiration. Therefore, we have prepared some simple ideas and techniques for you. Hot chocolate Christmas balls are an ideal gift for anyone who likes small snacks, especially in the colder months. Later, this kind of decoration can be used for various crafts for many years. In fact, they are a gift of two in one!

How to make a hot chocolate mixture?

How to make hot chocolate Christmas balls

You can choose from a variety of hot chocolate on the market, or you can mix it yourself. Here are the ingredients of the classic recipe:

  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons tablespoons white sugar
  • 1 degree Celsius milk powder


  • Mini marshmallows
  • Crushed candy bar
  • Sugar confetti

To add a sensual touch that reminds you of your childhood, add some spice! These delicious smells always awaken forgotten memories and emotions. Choose from cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla, cloves, black pepper, and even chili. In the colder months, these last two will surely warm your lover, but use these proportions carefully.

How to make Christmas balls?

Homemade hot chocolate for the holidays

The hardest part of a DIY Christmas project is putting the mixture into the decorations. So, give yourself a funnel or make a paper cone. It will also work well. You may also need to cut the mini marshmallows into small pieces to fit the size of the holes. Finally, don’t forget to decorate your Christmas decorations with themed ribbons and add a cool label. Write a message of love, a fun wish or just “Merry Christmas!”. Christmas balls and hot chocolate are suitable gifts for your loved ones and those you hardly know.

How to give a hot chocolate Christmas ball?

Get Christmas gifts easily and easily at the last minute

This is a gift, you can’t go wrong. Whether as a gift or added to other items, your friends and family will love these delicious hot chocolate accessories. They are fun to eat and cook. You can add them to the Christmas cookie box, or prepare several different mixtures for the food festival calendar.

DIY decoration of transparent ball tree

After all, don’t forget that these are Christmas tree decorations! Therefore, implement them in holiday decorations. With a few transparent balls, you will change the appearance of the Christmas tree in the blink of an eye. Another option is to put a small badge on each accessory before hanging it. After the festive dinner, each guest is asked to find their gift on the tree. This little game will definitely inspire the atmosphere, and we believe you will remember and tell this story over and over again. Also, don’t forget to take pictures! Seeing everyone smiling by the tree is a very special moment.

Hot Chocolate Christmas Balls

When it comes to gourmet gifts, one is never enough! So put a spoon in a box with hot chocolate on it, a spoon with tea herbs, an Oreo appetizer and decorated Christmas cookies. In order for your loved one to decorate the tree like a designer following the gourmet route, you can also add natural Christmas wreaths or DIY salt dough wreaths. The gifts that Christmas balls give you are endless, right?

Giant Christmas ball with hot chocolate

In the hobby shop, you can find transparent balls of different sizes. Betting on mini accessories or the biggest surprise for chocolate fans!

Personalize your gift with tags!

DIY gourmet Christmas gifts

You can get another personalized note by adding tags or moving greeting cards on the gifts. You can hang a small badge as shown in the picture above, print it as a postcard or print it on self-adhesive paper. The latter will become a theme sticker that you can paste on the packaging of Christmas gifts. You just need to cut it.

Ideas for postcards or Christmas stickers

The best Christmas wishes printable cards.

Beautiful postcard for colleagues or family

Free christmas card.

Tags hanging on Christmas baubles

Free printable Christmas gift tags.