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Elegant and Inspirational Ideas for Kitchen Faucet


Learn how to choose the inspirational faucet and get to know the models that are rocking the market

Is it possible to have an inspiring kitchen faucet? It may not seem like it, but the answer is yes! Faucets are a very important part of the kitchen and deserve to be well chosen – not least because, today, the market has an incredible variety of models, formats and features, to match any environment. Find out how to choose a good faucet and check out models so no one can fault it:

choosing your faucet

choosing your faucet

There are countless tasks for which we need a kitchen sink faucet. Therefore, it is important to think carefully when including it in the project. The biggest mistake involving sinks, countertops and faucets is usually with the heights of this item. When the countertop and therefore the sink are too low, for example, the simple act of washing dishes can cause discomfort and back pain.

When the height of the kitchen faucet and the depth of the sink are incompatible, a common problem is splashes that wet the entire countertop and floor, in addition to the difficulty of placing larger pots under the faucet to fill them with water.

The recommended average distance between the faucet nozzle and the sink surface, to avoid this problem, is 30cm. Other than that, there are still other specifications related to the design that can transform the functionality and appearance of the sink in your home, with the material it is made of, its finish and the existence or not of temperature regulation.

What is your faucet made of?

What is your faucet made of

Your faucet can be made from many different materials. So it’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer to understand what works best for your home! What else we find out there, in simple terms, is the all-metal faucet – that’s why we even call these water trigger devices “metals”. However, this metal can change, ranging from brass, copper alloy, zinc, stainless steel… the appearance is similar, mainly because they usually have a chrome finish. This is a nickel treatment that gives the faucet a shiny, reflective appearance and better durability. The main difference is in price and corrosion resistance – the latter, a characteristic where brass does better than other metals.

What is your faucet made of 1

Another common material for the kitchen faucet, popular for its low price, is ABS. It is popularly known as engineering plastic and, despite offering this better cost, it ends up not having as many benefits in the long run, as it has lower durability than other materials. With a natural finish, it is not very beautiful but it can be treated to make it look like metallic models.

Finishing materials

Finishing materials

Although the classic silver faucet is beautiful and the most common in most homes, both ABS and metallic models can receive a variety of finishes that give another face to the original materials.

Finishing materials 1

In addition to this traditional chrome finish, we also find the golden and rosé gold versions.

Finishing materials 2

Nowadays, black faucets are a big trend, especially in matte versions. Fashion is related both to the most minimalist modern kitchens and the transformation of this environment into a stylish and gourmet place.

Faucets and Mixers

Faucets and Mixers

Do you know what a mixer is? It is related to the need to mix different temperatures of water that will come out of the tap. They come in two forms: single command and double command.

Faucets and Mixers 1

The tap with a double command mixer is the one that has two drive wheels for regulating the water temperature.

Faucets and Mixers 2

The kitchen faucet with double control, on the other hand, has only one. At the time of purchase, single-lever controls are a little more expensive. The advantage is in the design, which requires only one hole to insert the pieces into the sink or countertop, while the dual commands require three.

Faucets and Mixers 3

There are also electric faucets with a technology that allows for more precise and personalized regulation.



It is surprising that many people do not know what an aerator is, as it would be useful in many homes. The small part, which can be purchased separately from the faucet, installed later, is a great ally of water savings in homes.

Aerators 1

Its function, as its name implies, is to mix air with the water that comes out of the spout. In this way, the aerator ends up reducing the flow of water.

Aerators 2

It also helps to reduce splashes, which is good for those who ended up making a mistake in the sink and need a last-case solution to this problem. Some models are even articulated, allowing for mobility and direction of the jets. According to manufacturers, consumption savings range from 50% to 80%.

Faucet models for the dream kitchen

Faucet models for the dream kitchen

Want to get inspired and find out which kitchen faucet models are perfect for you? So check out the pieces below, market launches that are truly passionate and can make you want to have a new kitchen:

  1.  Faucets with different shapes: Spontaneous Connections

_Faucets with different shapes Spontaneous Connections

The Campana Brothers are known in the world of architecture and design for their furniture with unusual features and inspirations. They recently signed a new line of faucets in partnership with the Docol brand.

_Faucets with different shapes Spontaneous Connections 1

For the creation of the faucets, they were based on the organic forms of nature, a great decoration trend, in addition to hydraulic adaptations of rustic constructions. The coolest thing: the faucet folds are handmade!

_Faucets with different shapes Spontaneous Connections 2

The signature design of this faucet is unparalleled. However, there are other models on the market that have sinuosity or straight in positions that make them different from others. This is the case of the model below, whose system allows it to be pulled from one side of the sink to the other with ease, without it being a flexible type model.

  1.  Flexible Faucets: Celite Gourmet

Flexible Faucets Celite Gourmet

Celite realized the demand for a good gourmet faucet with the growing popularity of this type of space within Brazilian homes and apartments. That’s why he created this single-lever mixer whose focus is practicality.

Flexible Faucets Celite Gourmet 1

It has a modern design, which matches many different kitchens, and a removable spout with spring. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it has a flexibility that makes it much easier to prepare food and wash dishes, both on a daily basis and on special occasions, with two types of jet.

Flexible Faucets Celite Gourmet 2

There are other flexible faucets on the market with a similar proposal. The main idea of ​​this model is to create this feeling of a professional kitchen, bringing the act of preparing food at home closer to the true gourmet environment.

  1.  Stove Taps

_Stove Taps

_Stove Taps 2

This kitchen faucet model is not so common here in Brazil, but it sure is an interesting concept: a stove faucet! The model, much smaller than those made for common sinks, are mounted on the wall, still well above the stoves.

_Stove Taps 1

Generally, they need to either be collapsible in some way, or retractable, or flexible. That’s because its function is to fill pans that are too big to be placed under the sink with water, or that pressure cooker that is full would be too heavy to be carried back to the stove.

  1.  Coloured faucets: LorenFlex, by Lorenzetti 

Coloured faucets LorenFlex by Lorenzetti 

We’ve already said that flexibility is incredible for faucets – especially when it’s the case with larger and even double sinks. The differential of this model, by Lorenzetti, is that in addition to being flexible, it has an external silicone tube that becomes a beautiful coloured external coating!

Coloured faucets LorenFlex by Lorenzetti 1

The silicone is easy to clean, has good strength and a nice touch and firm, without the hand slipping by contact with water. Inside this tube, this faucet is composed of a brass spring cap, with a chrome finish, in addition to the spring itself and then an inner tube of silicone.

Coloured faucets LorenFlex by Lorenzetti  2

The kitchen faucet can be coloured even without a layer of silicone. In addition to the metallic finishes, they can have a special paint layer in shades such as blue, which can be paired with the countertop.

Coloured faucets LorenFlex by Lorenzetti  3

Orange is also something to talk about, ideal for a cool kitchen with matching appliances.

Despite this, the most common coloured finish is usually the neutral and classic black, in the matte version.

  1. Technological faucets: DocolPronto, from Docol

Technological faucets DocolPronto from Docol

Can you imagine having hot water from the sink, at the perfect temperature for you? This is very beneficial when washing dishes, especially greasy pots and pans. It’s even more amazing when the water comes out at the ideal temperature to go straight into the mug with a teabag, or into the coffee percolator. This is the proposal of the most technological faucets on the market, such as DocolPronto.

It goes beyond the three standard temperatures (hot, cold and mixed), with the regulation of super hot, super cold water and even sparkling water. It requires a good amount of space to install, but it is an incredible development in the faucet market and it shows how the technology promises for years to come.