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Caring For Your Wooden Garden Building

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To refresh the look of your garden building or shed and protect it from the elements, all you need is a quick coat of paint. With the range of paints to choose from you will be able to easily create a stunning feature in your garden. To ensure you get the most out of this maintenance, you should look at some painting tips. At the end of everything, you will have a spruced up shed that is ready for the coming seasons.

This maintenance job is fairly straightforward and you do not need any DIY experience. However, before you start, you need to look at some DIY safety guides to ensure you are properly protected.

When it comes to touching up your shed, you need to use the right paint. There are many paints designed for garden sheds that you should look at. They will help you create a space that looks good in the garden and that you can enjoy.

What You Need

To paint your shed, you need to have both rollers and paint brushes. You should also get some wood filler and an exterior wood preserver. The last item you need is the exterior paint.

Why Should You Paint Your Shed?

Painting your shed will protect it from the elements such as UV rays that cause the wood to become grey over time and rain that causes it to crack and split. If you spend money on a shed then you want to ensure it lasts the test of time advise the experts at Quick Garden. It also boosts the appearance of the shed which is another reason why you should be doing this.

Unless you shed is made from pressure treated timber or cedar, you should treat it regularly. It should be treated when you first build it and every following year. This will prolong the life of the timber and boost the appearance when you use a high-quality preserver or wood stain.

What Paint Should Be Used?

You should use a paint that has been created for rough sawn timber. Most external stains and paints have been created to color and protect fences, sheds and other outdoor wood. Garden colors are a good option because you retain the natural texture of the wood grain while getting a rich color.

How Long Does It Last?

Most exterior garden paints will last for up to 5 years. It is recommended that you check the tin for more information.

What Tools Are Required?

While you can use paintbrushes to paint your shed by hand, this will take some time. It may be better to look at a pump or power sprayer. Pump sprayers are five times faster than a brush while power sprayers are 10 times faster. If you are going to use a sprayer, you will need to use a paint that is compatible with it. Not all paints are compatible with power sprayers.

Preparing Your Shed

Before you paint, you need to check the shed for any structural repair work. If you are going to paint an older shed, you need to first clean it. All the debris, mud, spider webs, and mold will need to be removed from the roof and walls. You also have to remove any lichen, fungi, algae or moss using the right fungicide products and ensure that the cracks in the wood have also been properly cleaned.

All the gaps in the shed will then need to be covered with caulk to make it waterproof. If you are going to use a silicone-base caulk, you have to wait a day between applying the sealant and paint to allow it to dry. Once dried, you need to use sandpaper to remove patchy or loose paint that was left behind from your last paint job. If you are painting a new shed, you can skip the sandpaper.

Apply A Wood Primer

You will now have to apply an oil-based wood primer to the shed. This provides an extra layer of protection and will make it easier to spread the paint evenly. There are many primers that you can buy and they are available at all hardware stores.

Paint Your Shed

After the primer has dried, you can apply the first coat of paint. This should be done in dry conditions with temperatures above 5°C. A long-nap roller should be used to spread the paint on the wood grain. You should slowly move around the shed until all the walls are covered. The first coat should be left to dry completely before you apply the second and third coats. These coats should be applied in the same way as the first to evenly distribute the paint.

If you want to use multiple colors on a single wall, you need to apply the treatment and primer then wait for them to dry. You should then attach thick sheets of paper or nylon to the wall with duct tape. The exposed area will be painted with the color that you want and you need to wait for this to dry. You can then remove the covers and paint the other colors.

The areas you have already painted should be covered with the same sheet to avoid runs and overlaps. You can use this approach to create models as well. A very large sheet of paper is required and you can make a large stencil. This allows you to paint designs on the side of the shed without any worries.

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