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7 Reasons to Grow Herbs in Your Garden

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The process of choosing the right plants for your garden is not an easy thing. People are so used to picking up only the varieties they like that they notice no other variants at all. You may be surprised to get to know that alongside traditional roses, shrubs, and trees you can grow herbs. They are good not only as flavorful spices but also as awesome landscape decoration. The following 7 reasons are able to make you plant herbs in your garden.

There is a wide range of available varieties.

You can use greenery in dozens of ways. When you start searching for the seeds in the Net, you discover several absolutely different classifications of the herbs. Experienced gardeners distinguish annuals from perennials, for instance. Yet, if you are a beginner it’s better to classify plants in accordance with their use. The following types are the most popular:

  • Garden varieties are used in cooking, You can hardly find a person who has never heard about oregano or basil. They add awesome flavor to any dish. By the way, growing greenery is a nice way to save some money. You don’t need to buy new species for grill or barbecue – everything you need grows in your garden.
  • Fragrant samples create an awesome atmosphere in your garden. The gentle scents of lavender or lemon balm may be used for aromatherapy.
  • Tea varieties allow you to create unparalleled drinks. Everyone has ever savored chamomile or mint tea. Depending on the type of the used herbs, such tea may have relaxing or energetic effects.
  • Medical types are used to calm down and relax. Yet, it’s better to consult your doctor before starting a medical herb garden.
  • Ornamental varieties are one of the most spectacular. They have eye-catching flowers and charming foliage. If you want to create a superb landscape design, you can’t but grow sage or germander.

The number of varieties you are to grow is limitless. They vary in size, properties, and lifespan.

They are useful to humans.

It’s not a secret that herbs are able to turn even the simplest dish into culinary delights. The medical samples are good for your health. You may drink water with them or you can make powder and add it to your meal. Females use some varieties for cosmetology purposes.

You can hardly find a more appealing landscape design element.

Nowadays it’s extremely popular to create a landscape design that is close to wildlife. It’s a cool idea to use stone walls and paths in your garden. Yet, such design may look cold and unpleasant. To add charming vibes, you can grow such kinds as oregano or berggarten sage.

They don’t take up much space.

If your garden is small it’s a real torture to choose proper vines. Herbs are the best solution. They need little space. Moreover, you can grow them in pots and containers, too.

They are easy-to-grow.

If you are not ready to devote all your free time to gardening, you should pay your attention to herbs. They require minimal effort. There are several important points you should know about growing greenery.

They should be grown lean. It’s better not to give too many fertilizers and too rich soil. Regular watering and good drainage are the must-haves. The plants do well with other greenery.

Yet, it’s important to protect plants from weeding. The best way to do it is to use landscape fabric.

It stops weeding and helps you to keep your garden in order. With high-quality landscape fabric, you may halve your efforts.

The best supplies for homemade bouquets.

If your hobby or even start-up is connected with creating unique bouquets, you can’t but grow herbs. Rosemary, pineapple sage, and thyme are perfect decorations for any flower arrangement.

Effective protection from critters and bugs.

If you want to deter bugs and animals, you should choose basil, rosemary, and sage. The herbs are the ideal means for pest control.

To conclude, it should be noticed that growing herbs in your garden is an enjoyable and rewarding process.

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