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5 Ideas to Enjoy Your Garden in Winter

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Now that the summer is at an end and the nights are drawing in, you may find that you are starting to spend more time indoors than within your garden. However, your garden space can still create a wonderful space for entertaining and relaxing throughout the colder months of the year. This article details the steps that you can take in order to transform it into a fall and winter paradise.

1. Install a Fire Pit

One of the main reasons why homeowners tend to huddle indoors once September hits is central heating, with only the bravest of families daring to sit outside on the chilly evenings that the winter brings. However, installing a fire pit can make it feel like summer all year round, bringing the heat to you no matter what the weather is outside. Whether you want to throw off the blankets or toast some marshmallows, fire pits can bring you the traditional camping experience within your own home.

2. Build a Log Cabin

Not everyone is an outdoors person. Even so, there is no reason why your garden should fall out of use throughout the winter months. Rather than saying goodbye to your garden as soon as the first frosts come, you should consider putting this extra space to use by installing a log cabin. Not only can log cabins make you feel as if you are vacationing in the Arctic Circle, but they can also help you to make use of your garden while staying indoors and staying warm and toasty. To look at garden cabins for your family, Leisure Buildings offer a wide range of structures that can give you an additional living space throughout the holiday season.

3. Plant Winter-Flowering Shrubs

Although you might not be able to fill your garden with dahlias and hibiscuses once the temperature drops below 0, there are many other winter-flowering shrubs and plants that can give your garden winter color. For instance, pansies are all-year-round favorites, while plants such as hellebores and Christmas roses are usually grown to give your garden some holiday cheer. You might also consider swapping flowers for trees, holly, and berries.

4. Light Up Your Space

Now that the nights have started to draw in before you are even home from work, it can feel as if it is impossible to get ample daylight to spend in your garden. If this is the case, you should consider investing in garden lighting, much of which is solar-powered. Not only can this make your garden look magical, but both fairy lights and artificial torches can ensure that your garden stays a bright place to be even when the sun has fled for the evening.

5. Invest in Comfortable Seating

You might not be able to lounge around on the grass or a picnic blanket once the leaves start to fall. However, this should not prevent you from stepping outside, as investing in comfortable seating is a great option for families that love to eat and lounge outside during every month of the year. You should consider investing in sofas and benches that have removable coverings that you can take out to your garden when you want to spend some time in nature.

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