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How Replacing Windows Can Help You Save Energy Costs

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The onset of winter is often a welcome change, even in subtropical climates like Ohio. But, if you live in a drafty home, winter inevitably means looking for ways to prevent drafts and keep the home warm. From adding insulation to using weather stripping, there are many ways to prevent drafts. But, one of the most cost-effective alternatives is replacing your windows with new energy-efficient ones!  Now, you’ll say that the steep costs of replacing windows make it a costlier option. However, energy-efficient windows can actually help you save energy costs and make up for the investment. In fact, according to EPA’s Energy Star program, an average US home can save $101 to $583 yearly by replacing their windows. Plus, the added benefit of getting incentives or rebates on switching to energy-efficient alternatives is also attractive! Let us look at how replacing windows can help you save energy costs.

Better Insulation

The best way to keep a home warm, even in winters, is, of course, insulation! But properly insulating a home in Ohio to prevent drafts is more challenging than you think. There are many ways to insulate a home like adding insulation pads, using weather stripping, or plastic films. But sometimes, if you have single-pane windows, the possibility of a draft still remains. In this situation, replacing your windows with double-paned windows is often a good solution. It can help you reduce energy costs along with providing better insulation. You can try professionals like Window Replacement Akron Oh for the best window replacement services.

Prevent Drafts

Is there anything better than coming home to a warm and comfortable environment? However, the luxury of sipping coffee in front of the fire at night is possible only if the home is properly insulated. Replacing the old windows with double-paned and glazed windows is a good way to save energy and keep the home warm and toasty! Old single pane windows cannot do much to stop the cold winds from entering the building. However, newer energy efficient window models certainly offer much more blockage due to their thickness and the use of latest technology. You can also get your windows replaced professionally by Replacement Windows Akron Ohio and similar companies.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Without proper insulation, cold draft can easily come in and cause problems. But with the use of energy efficient windows and doors, insulating the home becomes easy and simple. But more than that, using energy efficient windows can also help you reduce the carbon footprints by 12%. In fact, carbon emissions can be reduced by 1,006-6,205 lb of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to 51-317 gallons of gasoline. With less energy consumption, the pollution in the air also decreases. Similarly, the HVAC systems are also used less due to proper insulation. 

Get Attractive Discounts / Benefits

Many people argue that the costs of installing new windows or replacing the existing ones is quite high. Paying such high costs for windows without getting any immediate results seems like a bad deal. However, these energy efficient windows can cover their costs in some years. Your windows and doors can easily keep the cold winds and noise out of the house in winters and  excessive heat in the summers. This can lead to reduced energy consumption. Plus, many state and city corporations and utility companies offer discounts and rebates to those who opt for energy efficient products. Which means replacing your windows can be within your budget too!

While there are certainly many other simpler and effective solutions for insulation and energy savings, window replacement is still a good investment. Not only does it reduce the carbon footprint and lower your bills, it also increases the value of your property. Thus, updating or replacing the windows in your home can be quite beneficial!

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