Bedroom Design

5 Ideas to Create a Dreamy Boho Bedroom

When it comes to creating the boho bedroom of your dreams, you can find all existing variants on the web. However, the reality is that the abundance of images might make your feel stuck eventually. More often than not, confused homeowners do not know where to start and what rules to follow.

If you’re here because you’d like to create a sophisticated boho bedroom, we’ve got you covered! With some time-tested tips and tricks below, you’re sure to create a beautiful and comfy nest.

1. Add White Color

While there is no strict color philosophy to stick to in a boho bedroom, consider painting your walls white. You’re welcome to go for all shades you prefer – from dune white and white dove to super white. Any undertone will become a perfect fit for a bohemian bedroom.

2. Add a Wooden 3D World Map

Add character and a pinch of vibrant colors to a bedroom with a wall map. A good old piece of décor is a winning option to accentuate the wall and let your guests know that globetrotters with great taste live here. Feel free to find the finest quality 3D world wooden map at or any other trusted source. For a more sophisticated and cozy look, order a 3D wooden world map with lights.

3. Find a Perfect Bed

What’s an ideal bed for a boho room? The one made of natural materials like rattan and wood. If you can get a bed made of any of the mentioned materials, you’re on the right track to a bohemian kingdom! At the same time, it is recommended to give preference to organic shapes. Carved wood, curvy rattan, and wood frames are among those awesome details that create visual interest.

4. Rugs Are a Must-Have

No bohemian bedroom can exist without a rug or two. Not only will it create a cozy boho feeling in a room, but it’ll also take the focus away from the floor. In other words, you will thank yourself for your choice if you can’t boast of having newly refinished hardwood floors.

If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere when picking the right rug style, consider Moroccan and Persian ones. Their reputation speaks for itself.

5. Adorn Windows

Since it’s the bedroom you try to restyle, chances are you may want to add some curtains. A white curtain will become an ideal fit, especially if you painted your walls white as well. To add visual appeal, choose a gauzy curtain that has cute pom-poms. Whether you pick to incorporate something patterned or neutral, always stick to the room’s main color scheme.

Finally, browse various lighting solutions to find something that would look good in a boho bedroom. If possible, attach armed sconces to the wall as an alternative to table lamps. This will help you save space and add a chic look to the environment. Don’t forget to add string lights to the interior to make it more boho. After all, they make sense everywhere.