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Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs Matte Black Cabinets

Loved for their stylish and elegant finish, matte black cabinets are prominent features of contemporary interior design. With the skyrocketing surge of all-black kitchens, matte black cabinets are now all over and the admiration of many. 

In this article, I will give you reasons why matte black kitchen cabinets are good for you. Read on for proven ideas and tips on kitchen décor. 

Which Types of Kitchen Cabinets is Matte Black?

Unlike black cabinets, matte black kitchen cabinets have a dull tone that appears flat, and bland and can neither absorb nor reflect light. The outlook of these drawers is marked by a pastel-color effect, which is highlighted by a unique finish that can either be oil or latex-based. 

Besides their unique visual feature, matte black cabinets are loved for the following properties. 

  • Versatility

Matte finishes are generally ideal for both traditional and contemporary designs. Because of their bold but flat and dormant appearance, matte black cabinets can mix with various colors if you incorporate them into your scullery. Because they can look perfect in all types of kitchens, matte black cabinet are some of the cabinetry designs considered the most versatile. 

Therefore, if you would love to opt for cabinetry designs whose features can open possibilities for testing different designs, matte black kitchen cabinets should be your better option. With their all-rounded design qualities, you can try out as many designs as you want, stemming from classic to post-modern styles. 

  • Functionality

With their dormant bland shade, matte black cabinets can considerably hide different types of dirt as well as scratches. While this does not imply that these drawers don’t need cleaning, it suggests that they are easy to take care of. Because of their scratch-resistance properties, matte black cabinets guarantee an extended lifespan compared to light-painted cabinet designs.  

  • Material

The majority of matte black kitchen cabinets are designed with hardwoods like teak, oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, and oak. While you shouldn’t be surprised to find matte black cabinets made of artificial materials, chances are high that nine out of ten matte drawers you will encounter if you search will be made of natural wood. 

Natural materials have recently gained immense popularity for they have proved to be the best in terms of durability and functionality. Endowed with the deep matte black paint, natural wood can look bold and firm. 

Why Should I opt for Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets?

  • Freedom to Mix up Colors

The bold but bland and flat appearance of matte black kitchen cabinets can blend with different colors from bold to lighter shades, as I have already noted. If you opt for cabinets with a matte black shade, you will enter a world of impossibilities in terms of freedom to mix up colors. 

Whether it’s on the walls, floors, backsplashes, or even kitchenware, where you want to mix up colors, the guarantee is that you can play with colors as much as you want if you choose matte black cabinets. 

  • Practicability

Does your kitchen hall have high traffic? Do you use cabinetry more than anything else in your kitchen? Do you want your cabinets to be free from unnecessary imperfection markers, for example, scratch marks? If any of these or all them apply to you, then matte black kitchen cabinets are the solution to your problem. 

Their dark bland stain is not only scratch-resistant but also good at concealing dirt particles. Hence, these drawers are the most ideal for kitchens with high traffic. If you are lucky to find matte black cabinets designed with natural wood materials, you may never have to worry about wasting time and money on repairs and refurbishments, thanks to the durable properties of natural wood. 

  • Beauty and Glamour 

The calm appeal that comes from matte finishes is considerably sleek and eye-catchy. Nevertheless, if you enhance this outlook by blending different colors, the overall outlook that can result in your scullery will be nothing but beautiful and glamorous. 

Therefore, because that your scullery, as the heart of your home, needs to be beautiful, it genuinely needs something that can let its beauty stand out. There’s no better way to achieve this apart from going for matte black kitchen cabinets

Tips on Buying the Best Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

‘Consider the following when buying matte black cabinets. 

#1: Material Quality

You must go for matte black cabinets designed with high-quality materials to get much value for your money. In terms of natural materials, hardwoods like teak, oak, hickory, and maple are widely considered the most perfect in terms of quality. 

Regarding artificial materials, you can opt for cabinets made of fibreboard, melamine, metals, or even mixtures of both natural and man-made materials. All in all, you need to know that material feature is one of the factors used to determine the price of cabinets. 

#2: Kitchen Design Budget

Because remodelling your kitchen is an investment that involves huge costs, you may have to structure a budget to ensure you spend within your means. You should opt for matte black kitchen cabinets whose price range is within your fixed budget unless you want to run out of cash for finalizing your interior design project. 

Your kitchen design budget should include the costs you will incur in installing your new cabinets. The following are factors you should consider if you want to come up with the right kitchen design budget. 

  • The Projected cost of purchase
  • The Projected cost of installation
  • Associated costs, for example, refurbishments like painting or staining costs
  • Cost of art décor, for example, wall painting, flooring options, backsplashes etc. 

#3: Available Space 

Apart from cabinetry material quality and kitchen renovation budget, the available space in your kitchen can inform you about the right matte black kitchen cabinets to buy, especially in terms of size and shape. Fortunately, matte black cabinets come in varieties, in terms of sizes and shapes. In most cases, you can always find the design that fits your kitchen, if you search keenly. 


Regardless of the outlook of design features of your kitchen, there are many reasons why it needs matte black cabinets. With matte black kitchen cabinets, you can not only mix colors in your scullery but also try different designs based on your preferences. These cabinets are designed to look stately and elegant in all types of interiors from classic to modern, transitional, ad contemporary kitchen interiors.