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5 Cost-Effective Home Renovation & Decoration Ideas for Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you prepare exquisite meals, and you should design it to offer optimal comfort. Kitchen renovations require a considerable amount of money, and this is one of the reasons why most people forgo kitchen upgrades. Luckily, there are various budget-friendly home decoration and renovation ideas to try out.

Check out pocket-friendly kitchen decoration ideas for a luxurious kitchen:

1. Change your lighting fixtures.

kitchen lighting is a crucial aspect of home decoration. Kitchen luminaries come in various styles, colors, shapes and sizes, which gives you a wide selection of illumination choices. Think of the atmosphere that you wish to create, and choose your lighting fixtures appropriately. Start with the ceiling lights and go for beautiful pendants or chandeliers. Ensure that they go well with your theme to give your kitchen that luxurious look.

Moreover, think of task lighting. You don’t want to hurt your fingers in the kitchen simply because you lack bright lights on our worktop. Consider task lighting in the dark spots of your kitchen, and make it bright enough. Finish up with a few accent lights to provide a soft and non-directional light.

2. Upgrade kitchen cabinets

You don’t have to acquire new kitchen cabinets. A few enhancements can restore the lustre in old pieces of furniture. Paint your chests and go for a decorative finish like glaze or faux. Consider new knobs, handles and pulls. And this will give your cupboards a new modern look and still save you a lot of money.

3. Change the wall color

Paint is an excellent way of enhancing your home on a budget. A fresh coat of paint will modify the look of your kitchen and the entire home. It will spruce up your walls, and make your kitchen more inviting. What are the best color choices? Your choice will depend on your preferences and home décor.

But, don’t stick to one paint color. Play around with different colors to achieve that sophisticated look. For instance; consider an accent wall in the breakfast area or chalkboard paint in one of the walls.

4. Accessorize the walls

Once done with painting, go a notch higher- embellish your walls! Have your kitchen display your taste and personality by incorporating artistic objects on the walls. Some of the items to consider are; baskets, vintage dishes, mirrors, framed fabric swatches and framed album covers.

5. Don’t forget the windows!

Window treatments are an integral part of your cooking area. They will frump up your kitchen than any other feature. If they are dusty or outdated; it’s time to do something about it. Replace the curtains and shutters for new vibrant choices. Order custom made shades and go for bright color curtains. Whatever your choice, go for quality fabrics with elaborate designs.

The bottom line

To keep your kitchen looking more engaging, clean up, declutter and create more storage space. The rule of thumb is to keep those small appliances to a minimum and store them in the shelves. Use different color schemes of different heights and create the best focal point.

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