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5 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago to Raise a Family

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Chicago is a wonderful city and inherits everything to welcome families coming from anywhere in the world. The best neighborhoods in Chicago are more sensible and virtuous than many other prominent cities. Different neighborhoods consist of different peculiarities and cherish families that prefer diversity and friendly neighborhoods. That is why it may seem daunting while selecting the appropriate suburb for your family. So, the following suggestions may give you an upper hand for selecting the perfect one.

1. River North

River North is the home of diversified apartments with indulgence high-rises, silvery rocks, and both renowned and fashionable dwellings. It is a dog-friendly neighborhood and is a perfect place for families that have pets. Numerous DIY and hobby activities are available in this sector. The dining provisions supply several authentic Italian feasts and mouth-watering cuisines. There is a surplus of salons along with trendy clubs that clutch the fun rolling till the next day.

2. Beverly

Chicago is a city that holds the maximum number of crime rates contains a secure neighborhood. And it is Beverly. Beverly consists of uncommon old houses that inherit fascinating construction. However, housing expenses are typically higher in this city in comparison with the national standard. Beverly showers unlimited facilities and entertainment. Along with playgrounds, art museums, history quarters, and canopy woodlands, there are vast empires of eateries, shopping plazas, and art hubs.

3. Sauganash

Sauganash is the heart of many famous educational institutions. As one of the flourishing suburbs of Chicago, home costs are a little bit too expensive in comparison with other neighborhoods. Also, it is quite distinctive from other suburbs and usually stays calm and sound. If you ever wish to experience entertainment and shopping, along with diverse cuisines, then you may have to visit a long path towards the center of Chicago. However, Sauganash has loads of golf courses and plenty of churches.

4. Edgewater

Edgewater, also known as the “Family Dreamland”, contains significant amounts of both government and private schools. If you decide to dwell in this suburb, then be ready to enjoy the fusion of ethnic eateries including the patisserie workshops. There are various antiquated spots, playgrounds, and multiplexes. Edgewater is considered to be one of the top 10 most renowned communities of Chicago because of its enhanced dinings and pastries.

5. Hyde Park

It is one of the most prominent college neighborhoods in Chicago. Being an educational neighborhood, there are a plethora of book libraries and bookshops. Most of the fun and enjoyment this summer is encompassed around the university theatre, athletics, and other festivals. The house expenses are probably lessened as the students tend to live here. There is a huge combination of middle, elementary, and high schools, along with the University of Chicago nearby.


Chicago consists of the best-spirited nightlife environment, with popular clubs and pubs around with an assortment of boutiques and salons. They possess plenty to contribute in the direction of entertainment, culture, and business. Neighborhoods tend to have a great influence on the family, and that is why decide sensibly before deciding the appropriate suburb for your family.

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