Kitchen Design

40 Kitchen Decor Ideas for You

The kitchen has become a natural playground for decorating enthusiasts, a place of life and desire. With an infinite palette of colors, a wide choice in the marriage of materials, and increasingly different universes, the decoration of the kitchen is the reflection of a personality specific to each one. A kitchen without wall units, an open kitchen, a kitchen with an island, or a glass roof also has many possible layouts. Adapted to the needs of those who occupy it, the room’s layout is decisive in creating a lovely kitchen to live in and gives off a unique atmosphere. Browse 40 kitchen decor like 40 ways to create a room that looks like you with style like no other.

With a friendly spirit, the kitchen decor is carefully thought out to make the most of it daily and enjoy entertaining family and friends here. Far from being just a space dedicated to preparing good meals, the kitchen is a place where it is delicious to spend time at different times of the day. The style of the room is shaped in this direction. The color interferes with facades in bold tones, and the prints give character to the pretty wallpaper. The lighting is essential, and the furniture also plays with shapes and sizes. Unlimited ideas for a stylish kitchen!

1- Bold wallpaper sets the tone in a white kitchen

Increasingly democratized, wallpaper is also a pleasure in the kitchen to give it style. With a vibrant panel of universes, everyone opts for the wallpaper of their desires. Contemporary and minimalist, colorful and original, exotic and natural, etc. It’s a great way to enhance color or material in the kitchen.

2- Kitchen decoration: the room slips into an arcade for a particular charm

If an atypical architecture represents a specific constraint, it can also become the starting point for an original kitchen, which cannot be forgotten. An arch and its recess allow here to shelter kitchen furniture to limit clutter and increase the room’s charm tenfold. The pink facades also bring a glamorous and romantic dose to the whole.

3- Mustard yellow pendant lights enhance the style of a wooden kitchen

Above a dining table or an island, colored pendant lights accentuate the warm spirit of the room. They represent a beautiful decorative note in a neutral kitchen in a cheerful shade like mustard yellow.

4- A kitchen in a row for a harmonious room

The border between the two areas disappears with a bold vision of the kitchen and the living room. The pieces of furniture are installed all along a wall with similar elements on both sides. In a soft mix of wood and white, the set is bright for a large living room that is pleasant and easy daily.

5- The kitchen interferes in a loft space and acquires a warm character

Propitious to give charm to the kitchen, a loft room encourages creating a singular universe and having beautiful ideas to meet this constraint of ‘space. It is an excellent excuse to focus on low furniture in this kitchen. On the side, the recess is highlighted with a touch of terracotta color, both modern and natural.

6- An island is personalized with cleats for a natural kitchen

Trendy and full of possible perspectives, wooden cleats can be a way to personalize a kitchen to give it a unique style. This wooden island section reinforces a soothing and peaceful atmosphere with a natural feel in a room.

7- Kitchen decoration: a room with a raw spirit bet on natural materials

In a raw style and a natural inspiration, the kitchen opts for neutral tones, vegetable materials, and wood. The fronts of the kitchen furniture in nude pink and its worktop with marble decor blend perfectly with the materials present.

8- The kitchen has fun with sage green for a unique style

Proof that there are no longer rules or prohibitions in the kitchen, green has been available in all its facets for a few seasons and draws a living room where the ‘we feel good. The advantage of sage green in a matte finish is its delicate, close-to-neutral character. It allows you to create a bold kitchen without falling into a dangerous color choice.

9- A typical wooden facades sign a kitchen like no other

The facades are made of raw wood in a natural and contemporary kitchen. In an alignment of low furniture, the latter also display rods as many guidelines—an echo of a wall shelf fixed in parallel for a game of linearity in a graphic kitchen.

10- Beautiful pendant lights structure the island corner of the kitchen

Renowned for their style, pendant lights also can delimit a space when the kitchen is divided into several zones. Above an island, they diffuse a beautiful light while highlighting this dining area.

11- A section of wall in Aubergine color and a modern dresser for an original kitchen

With desires for color, the kitchen bets on inspired tones, as close as possible to the tastes of some and the characters of others. In this kitchen, the style is contemporary and elegant. On an entire section of the wall, a contemporary Aubergine color invites itself into the base and on the fronts of the furniture. A little further on, a display cabinet is transformed into a bright bar.

12- Its atypical layout gives a crazy character to the kitchen

When we talk about the style of the kitchen, it’s not just about its colors or its materials. The kitchen furniture layout also plays on the character of the place. In a hallway, this kitchen unfolds in the form of an island. An original layout reinforced by solid materials.

13- The wood serves as a transition between the kitchen and the living room for a coherent whole

With a minimalist Scandinavian spirit, the kitchen opts for light wood as a dominant theme and a conductive line between the different living spaces. In a white set, the atmosphere is bright and warm at the same time.

14- Several depths give relief to the kitchen

In a quest for personality, the kitchen has fun with several depths on a single wall section. It is an ingenious layout idea that makes it easier to tidy up the room with space for all household appliances and kitchen accessories, from the pot to the multi-function robot!

15- Kitchen decor: wall units in birch plywood for a natural style

In a classic white kitchen, wall units in birch plywood bring a certain charm to the room. Open to the rest of the house, and the kitchen is thus a continuation of the other adjoining living spaces.

16- A bold, vegetal green in a kitchen, a guarantee of good humor

Proof that there are no limits in terms of color when giving style to the kitchen, this project dares to use an offbeat shade, a dapper green that energizes the whole room—a biased guarantee of good humor for a joyful cuisine.

17- The kitchen follows the curves of the wall for a unique atmosphere

A typical architecture is an excellent opportunity to imagine a kitchen like no other. With no straight walls, the furniture follows the curves and creates an original room. The neutral colors and the minimalist spirit of the decoration give pride of place to a stone wall and raw materials.

18- A choice of design suspensions brings a contemporary spirit to the kitchen?

When the kitchen benefits from a high ceiling, it is interesting to install a majestic suspension. Above the island, this model refines a modern atmosphere, an elegant and simple style.

19- A series of drawers creates a beautiful continuity in the kitchen

Near a glazed partition, the olive green kitchen unfolds in L with a series of drawers for the low units and a little further from the white wall units. A clever choice to multiply the light and create a japandi style desired by the owners.

20- In the kitchen, bet on an unexpected combination of materials

A large kitchen stands out with OSB furniture and a marble worktop at the heart of a vast contemporary house open to the outside. An explosive mix of materials full of audacity for a unique kitchen.

21- A deep blue signs an elegant and original kitchen

Color is a great way to delimit spaces with a kitchen open to the living room. In a bright room where light colors dominate, the kitchen units display a clean blue that awakens the whole and gives it a contemporary air.

22- The kitchen relies on a black line to draw the eye to the view

With many qualities, paint also can highlight some aspects of the kitchen. Here, a black graphic line draws the eye to the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Below, a painted base also enlarges the room. (Black kitchen)

23- Marble and wood for a kitchen with character

As an extension of the style of the house, this sizeable semi-open kitchen opts for a mixture of wood on the fronts of the units and marble decor on the worktop—raw and noble materials both for an elegant and natural kitchen but also resistant over the years.

24- A mix of materials sublimated by an intense blue in the kitchen

Imagined as a natural decorative piece of furniture, the kitchen of this loft gives pride of place to materials—porcelain stoneware on the floor, oak for the worktop, or the fronts of the furniture. The extension of the living room is both beautiful and functional. An intense blue sublimates everything.

25- Kitchen decor: the canopy, a safe bet to increase the charm of the kitchen tenfold

The kitchen is part of an industrial and colorful style in this loft. Available in fir green, the kitchen furniture creates continuity with the living room next door, where there is a touch of green as in the other rooms. Behind a canopy is always a good idea to have cachet and light for a decorative kitchen.

26- A mini kitchen opts for an island with rounded lines to bring softness and structure to a studio

If the kitchen island is often recommended on large surfaces, this mini-studio of 14 m2 dares this option with a tailor-made layout. The central island thus represents an imposing block, all in curves, and marks a beautiful separation between the day and sleeping areas.

27- A dining area is set up in a sizeable chic kitchen

With its original windows, this beautiful kitchen opens onto the living room. Beyond the style, they also make it possible to structure the dining area installed in the kitchen corner. The materials have been elegantly defined by mixing oak, marble, and brass.

28- The central island is delimited on the floor by a contrasting tiling

In this kitchen with generous volumes, a sublime central island sits in the heart of the room to prepare good meals and eat on the go. Within a predominance of wood on the floor and the kitchen furniture, a marble decor tiling delimits the island and creates the link with the worktop.

29- A gray, almond green brings a bold style to an open kitchen

According to the desire to personalize the kitchen furniture, the color of the facades is chosen with care. The units are dressed in style in an Amandier Grisé shade from the Plum Kitchen brand. A gentle way also to create a contrast with the typical Haussmann spirit at the origin of the apartment.

30- Kitchen decor: matte black blocks boost the charm of the kitchen

With great potential for the kitchen, black is a guarantee of character. At the heart of this kitchen opening to the entrance, these aesthetic and worked blocks allow you to have lunch here, insert personal objects on the shelves, or store your most beautiful pottery in the niches below.

31- The shock of materials with wood and brushed stainless steel in a sublime kitchen

With elegance, this kitchen combines wood and brushed stainless steel, a nod to the past of this house. Robust materials are highlighted by a marble decor credenza and a significant wrought iron suspension. A marriage that brings character to the kitchen like a beautiful living room.

32- A well structured and masculine kitchen

The kitchen is delimited by the color in a dominant black, on the wall as on the ceiling or the facades. With an atypical configuration, the piece plays with the lines. Wallpaper and hints of wood add a natural spirit to the kitchen and give it a little softness.

33- A mirror as a credenza multiplies the light in the kitchen

At the heart of a small kitchen that is not easy to fit out, the main desire was to bring in light. The choice of white furniture coupled with a mirror effect credenza and golden notes increase the brightness.

34- Originality is at its peak with a brushed brass kitchen

In a house like no other, the kitchen here is designed with a different eye. The nomadic spirit, itinerant in all the rooms, is palpable through furniture on wheels or suspensions that dance with the air—the facades dressed in anodized brass echo travel and give off an incredible light in this creative kitchen.

35- The color sublimates a beautiful kitchen

Without the established rule, the kitchen dares everything! Including painting the kitchen furniture to personalize it. In this project, ordinary furniture is painted in a smoky blue-green shade. A matte black and a zellige credenza sublimate this color on the wall. Notes of brass and marble add a certain elegance.

36- A cooking, piano is a way to refine a retro style in the kitchen

This old Florentine cooker exudes incredible charm in the kitchen, a truly exceptional piece. A way to demonstrate elegance in a kitchen with aesthetics worked down to the smallest detail.

37- Deep green on the wall and on the facades of a kitchen that loves colors

Simple and creative idea, the same color is found on the kitchen furniture as on the walls. This natural green thus creates cohesion in the room and brings its personality for an original and colorful kitchen.

38- Black furniture, signs a beautiful kitchen opens to the living rooms

In this beach house, the kitchen is inspired by the colors of the Ile d’Oléron, where it is located. With a large opening on the outside, black sets the tone from the entrance. Pops of blue add holiday spirit to the room.

39- Masonry elements are welcome in a rustic kitchen

With the air of a country house, this kitchen opts for masonry elements like the hood molded in concrete. A dominant white color for a bright room. Discreet hints of black form a gentle nod to Scandinavian style.

40- An anthracite gray on the kitchen units for an industrial style

The safe bet for a contemporary loft-style kitchen, concrete-style gray is a guarantee of character. Combined with wood-decorated furniture, the combination of materials increases the character of the kitchen area located in a large living room.